26…16…52…Back OFF mom!

growing up is never straight forward

I have three men in my life…a husband and two sons…

My eldest: after college graduation he found a job in Saudi Arabia, but everyone knows how life in here, no freedom, limited entertainment, limited mind  or should I say restricted! Growing up into your profession needs more resources and time.

so he claimed: I am turning 26, this is not the place for me!

My youngest: teenager, when i tell him something about his “things” I know…I know…

mom, I’m 16!

My husband: He left 3 years ago, he said it’s better for him to have his own business, tired of being an employee. We were discussing about our house in Antipolo.

He told me: I am 52! I know what to do!

26..16..52… does it mean…BACK OFF mom!

Huh, everyone has a number…what about me?? I am also turning 52  and  I am still here in Saudi Arabia…WORKING!

I wonder…does age really matters?

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Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

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