My Switzerland escapades: Zermatt-Matterhorn to Rothorn Paradise (day 6)

3,000m above sea level

After visiting the campus in Brig,we decided to spend our last day in Switzerland at Zermatt village at the foot of Matterhorn and enjoy the Rothorn paradise ride. huh! waaah… wooo! ahhh! hahaha that’s me! I’m scared of heights but I am turning fifty-two, and I shall face my fear so here we gooooo…3,000 m above sea level.

to Zermatt

the view along the way is so amazing,I feel serenity and peace, mountains, water falls, river, houses with colorful flowers, an urban city in a rural setting.

As we get in Zermatt, the town is completely different,you see only electric cars, no pollution, the air is dry and clean, surrounded by world-class hotel, restaurants and shops (watches, souvenirs, chocolate etc.)

houses along the way

Would i have known before, I would have book a hotel and stays overnight, but too late, we’re going back to Saudi Arabia.

From Brig to Zermatt it’s about 2 hrs. ride then we asked the tourism office what can we do for a day, either we climb to the alps or we stay in pre-alps. Ahhhh, i told kevs, we don’t have the proper clothes to bear the 365 snow mountain, so we choose Rothorn paradise, where we can see the beautiful side of Matterhorn.

to Rothorn paradise

We walk to the tunnel for few minutes then got into Sunnegga express (I would describe it as a chair backward ride up to the mountain) then to Gondolla cable lift. I think my son enjoyed the ride more than me, because i just kept shouting :-), at the end I refused to go up more with him in Rothorn paradise, I’m fine in here, go ahead and enjoy the paradise! I still would like to celebrate my 52nd bday next month. I really don’t know why I’m so scared of heights.

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