Christmas in Saudi Arabia- how do we celebrate?

It’s not easy to celebrate Christmas in a place like Saudi Arabia, where almost everything is forbidden like, mixed party, religious activities for non-Muslim etc, and what more if you are home away from home meaning, your family are not complete. A lot of OFW (overseas Filipino workers) are home alone (no wife or husband or children) it is really depressing but in spite of the homesickness, the spirit of Christmas overcome the loneliness.

I am lucky to have my youngest son with me, my brothers and my friends and with the advent of technology,” Skype “group video call made the distance a bit closer, I was able to see and talk  to my parents, my eldest son and my brothers, their wife and their children simultaneously.

However, a family will always be incomplete without a father, my husband is so distant, I wonder how much the cost of bottle of beer or a case maybe ,compared to the cost of calling and hearing the voices of his family. Virac, Catanduanes is an island but internet cafe is amazingly around each corner, so I don’t think internet connection is a problem. Probably a better quote would be “sorry ka na lang mas mahal ko ang beer” oh so, it’s not the price! 🙁 , in fairness, I got a short text greetings of “Merry Christmas”.Ahhh at least in between the “gulf”,”crack” and jokes!!!

my TFCK family, I miss u all

Oh well, life continues and i am so thankful for the blessings in spite of my pain (physical and emotional) I am still functionally alive and able.

old and new friends

I have seen old and new friends with their family, though, it gives some twist in my heart, I am thankful and lucky with my two sons.I am also thankful to received messages of greetings from a lot of friends ,relatives and a “name” poem, and I am happy to share it to you:

M-ost eloquent

I- instrument of beauty; a

M- mirror of life

I-n the crest of wave.

S-uch irresistible beauty beyond

U-nderstanding yet

A-mazingly spontaneous,

R-eaching out to share the

E-xcitement and

Z-est for life

author: Joey,… thank you, though we see each other only once or twice in a year. to say “hi and bye”, I am glad to received this on 25th of December.

“the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”- Burton Hillis

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