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The mini Bonsai kit

“Stressed out by your job?” you bet, I am! My youngest son has a “twin brother” Kevs the second, he gave me a mini Bonsai kit, I believed no matter how good you are… hiding your inner feelings, people see it, and the closer they are to you, the more sensitive they are to feel your mood. I thank you Kevs2 for your thoughtfulness.

Though my level of stress is tolerable, I like to do new things and growing bonsai is not a bad idea at all. Let’s see how this works for me:


Day 1 : the kit includes a pot,Jack Pine seeds, a peat pellet and small scissors and small booklet of introduction to the beauty of bonsai and how to grow your own bonsai. Keeping my fingers crossed here we go!

pine seeds soak in water

it has five (5) pieces of pine seeds, soak in water for 24 hrs.

Day 2: place seeds in damp paper towel,seal and place it into a plastic bag and cold stratify for 7 days in the refrigerator.

Day 7:

peat pellet in a tray

After the pellet has expanded, spread the seeds over it, gently pressing,… alright, I’m feeling excited..huh! my level of stress seems going down 🙂 place the pellet in bonsai pot and set in a tray filled with about 1/4 inch of water.

expanded pellet

I set the tray besides my window, inside my room, keeping the soil moist everyday. The first thing I do every morning, as i get up from my bed..”ohayou” or sometimes “Zao shang hao” or ” sabah al kheir” “magandang umaga” simply ” good morning my bonsai” ..hahahaha heard of linguist bonsai!

Day 9: waiting period


I’m excited to see whether a sprout of leaves or any sign of growth which will definitely makes my day! Ahhh it seems my stress is going up instead of going down:-) just kidding.

Day 12 Yes!


What a beautiful sight…awesome pine seeds are growing 🙂

Day 13 growing more!


At some point, my stress is getting higher, knowing my bonsai is growing, apprehensive that i may not see it the following morning, however ..this gets me up with a smile everyday!

Day 16 more!


o la la, 🙂 my bonsai is growing more and more…

Day 18 more and more

more and more

I’m so happy, seeing my pine seeds growing makes my stress levels goes down, hmmm I believed it’s working!

Day 20 lovely!


Wow! surviving on 20th day

Day22 great!


another great day for my growing bonsai!

Day 24 Cool!


Really cool! my cute bonsai, hope you grow more and more!

day 25 Oh My!

oh my!

I was surprised to find out that my cute pot broke! not only that my bonsai iii yay! My cleaner didn’t see it coming, she vacuum my bonsai!

day 26 stress level up!


Oh my bonsai, I’m so sad that you didn’t grow that far, I’m so sorry…

everyday as the sun goes made my day complete

be strong i said, i saw you grow tall and proud

i saw you change… fighting for your life

you never failed to inspire me…give me love and hope

so sorry that i was no there to protect you..

goodbye my bonsai…

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