Coffee and Cream Adventures continues with sweet spices: Nurture Spa Village

After Tugawe rendezvous,we arrived Manila at an early hour of 6:00 am. We got our new bag of clothes and off to Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City.When children are already grown up, it is not easy to decide where to go. Each one has each own interest, unlike when they were young, take them to any places, give them toys, ice cream, chocolates and cakes, they squeeze you with hug and kisses.Now?? a lot of choices, take them to movie (what kind?), food (what type?)shopping (where?)places (with whom?)Pictures(NO!)!Run out of ideas? you bet!

Anyhow,i thought about Spa! yes, why not?, would it be great having  bodymassage in one place? Relaxation en grande! Unfortunately, it was raining so hard that we were not able to tour around Tagaytay, nothing much to do and having body and facial massage is just right at the moment. YES??? NO to my youngest son, he said ” I don’t wanna be touch”, it took us awhile to convinced him, at least facial and foot spa will do for now. So, here’s our adventure in pictures:

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