tulip-83aIt’s been quite awhile I haven’t published any blog, I thank my followers and readers who patiently waited and kept sending me letters to ask how am I doing. Thank you!

The previous months after my birthday was indeed busy tortuous months. I could not bring an inspiration to write, I froze!

I know this too will pass and everything will be back to normal.Let us count the blessing we received for the past years and we move forward to year 2017 and the years to come.

Let us not forget the people who were not able to celebrate new year with a bang! Let us not forget the years we received blessings. Let us not forget we are human who makes mistakes and uttered some words that may hurt others but really doesn’t mean it.Let us not forget the material possessions we have are only a fraction of what we should be wishing this year.

Let us remember the love and respect we have given and received, to continue to work on the matter that is important and not the superficial things we acquire and require to get the happiness that we think will suffice our life.

Let us pray for kindness, peace and love to everyone.

2017 beginning is tough but I am ready for you!

#thank you Lord.



And the adventures continues…

After spending sixteen (16) years in Jeddah, KSA,three (3) years in Lucern, Brig, Le Bouveret,Switzerland, six(6) months in Dubai, UAE and one (1) year in LA, California USA, my nomadic Chef Kevin will try to woo Asia. While his brother Edge, the photographer will have another year in USA.

And the adventures continues..keep on dreaming..keep reaching your goal and soon it will be a reality.

Now, you have graduated both and ready to venture at your own, I thought I could have relax  🙂   but no! It’s another chapter, another adventure, another excitement and more prayers.

Thank you Lord for your guidance.

Thank you for the precious gift of having two sons

Thank you for the gift of strength and  wisdom

Thank you for your protection 

Once again …

Lord, I release them to you to care for and protect

I pray that you would give the same guidance and direction

May they turn to you Lord for all decisions so that they will not make poor choices.

Help them to see the treasures of wisdom and knowledge through You.

May the glorious power be with you all.


I wish you Kevs and Edge the best adventures, to have a happy and peaceful life. I know it will be more difficult than easy but don’t worry,you are equipped with knowledge and skills that will give you a push and find your way to success.

Remember, even though you are a citizens of the world, your home is in my heart. Though we may not be physically together,our love will connects us. Sooner or later we will see each other again. Take good care of your health. We have a lot of exploration ahead of us.

God bless.

I love you both!

Cheers and kisses,


29 years after, she looked back

“There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realise nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before this and after this.” – Unknown

Oh how time flies! A young mom with 1 ½ year old boy wondering what future will bring. A people’s power brought sad and good news but ours was unfortunate, young dad lost his job. A young family caught up with uprising, unstable employment and unable to sustained for house rent… she left overseas.

She said…

Two years contract to have a small house and open up a clinic of her own

She work hard to pay for placement fees and bought a land to build a house.

Homesickness sets in… dad came and followed by their son.

The two years became four years…

Dad didn’t finish his job contract and went back home.

He said..

No future in this company, will look for a better one.

Mom and son stayed.

She said…

Working overseas will help finish building the house and the clinic.

Dad came back

Four years… six years

Dad found another job and went back home again.

He said…

Better salary…better opportunity

Six years became ten years

Another son bring joy and happiness

Mom has better position, better salary, house done, children in good school

Dad left again for a better job, better salary and better opportunity

Twelve years….fifteen years…

Twenty years …

Mom did post graduate…career bloomed ..children happy…better education

Dad not happy…company closing down

He said…

A business of my own is better

And the day came, he left again…

Mom said…

Sons follow your dream… so she work harder…and… harder

a single parent… a single provider… a career woman

Dad got his own dream… a business of his own

While mom’s dream clinic is on hold

Twenty five years…

Trust gone…respect gone…marriage collapsed…

She said…

Letting go is a gift you owed to yourself

Twenty nine years later…

Children finished their studies…gone to pursue their dreams

Mom is alone again…

Twenty-nine years of a beautiful struggle.

to be continued…

” Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the FAITH. It will all be worth in the end.”



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Perplexed: legal separation, Annulment ,Divorce in the Philippines..What is the difference?

IMG_0156Philippines to date is the last country in the world that does not allow divorce. So why is it included in the questionnaire when you are applying to renew Philippine passport?

Civil status: () single () married () widower ()legally separated () Annulled () Divorced

Probably for those who has dual citizens? Maybe..

What about those who are separated for awhile? My search for an answer brought up more questions.

A perplexed reader..

The Family Code grants spouses equal rights, gives dual authority to parents in the family and provides for special protection for children in case either parent remarries.Strong Catholic grounding and the Filipinos’ reverence for family life discouraged the implementation of divorce laws in the Philippines.

Equal rights?

Is it equal rights, when your husband or wife commits adultery or concubinage ? when there’s only one who provides? When there’s a double standard like it’s alright for a man to have extra-marital affairs and for a woman a “no-no”? How about when one is abusive either orally or physically?

What about for those Filipinos who were divorced by alien spouse? Does the law applies to them because they are Filipino Citizen?

Special protection?

in case either parent remarries? and if not ? who should be responsible? Isn’t it if you are responsible parent or a human being for that matter, you know these are your children, no one should impose on you whether to support them or not, It is  a GIVEN matter, a parent should economically, morally responsible to their children.

Article 1 of the Family Code defines marriage as “a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. 

Permanent? Who says so? huh! legal separation..Annulment..Divorced..

Don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of strong marriages, I would like my sons to marry .. praying it will last forever not because of the law but because it’s their choice to stay together happily and both believed in the sanctity of marriage.

Equal rights?? again!

If you have rights to enter into a contract, you also have the right to get out of it!

The essential marital obligations referred to in Article 36 are those enumerated under Articles 68-71, 220, 221 and 225 of the Family Code. These articles provide for the obligation of spouses to live together, observe mutual love, respect and fidelity and render mutual help and support.

mutual love ,respect and fidelity..mutual help and support

meaning, when one does not oblige the contract is null and void?

and this one made me laugh..lol! pa more 🙂

legal separation  – is a relative divorce meaning? allows only the separation of spouses from bed and board and does not dissolve the marriage bonds.

bed and board? you must be kidding!

what about the children?

Support is the obligation between spouses and their children. In the Philippines,however, as in perhaps other Oriental countries, filial obligation demands that children support their parents in their old age.

meaning, when one parent doesn’t support the children, the marriage contract is also null and void? what about in old age? how can you accept support from your children if you yourself broke the law?

and here’s the thing.. the usual cause of breakdown of marriage – infidelity and irreconcilable differences – don’t count as a basis for annulment, as for legal separation, the ‘psychological incapacity’ is a very vague description to begin with. Not only the basis is so complex but the process of the procedure in itself is so expensive that poor people can not afford. Again, family code..where is equal rights? if only the rich and influential people can have it.

and what about the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who for economic reasons left behind their families to support them only to find out later on, that the hard -earned money was used by the husband/wife to his new girl/boyfriend or to support extended families back home, is this right?

Is it practical to spend PhP 150K – 300K for annulment? This amount can already be used by your children on their future or to your future for the children to be free of economic burden when you reach old age.

Now, what was the topic again? legal separation,annulment,divorce..differences ? ah yes!

Don’t you think it is all the same? dissolve the bond? In the first place in my opinion, if two people constantly disagree and disrespectful of each other, the sanctity of marriage is gone in their heart and only remains in the paper. For what? as a status symbol? What is marriage when one doesn’t comply to his/her obligations. Where is the sanctity when you committed a sin against your spouse?

Ladies, let me understand why no Divorce in Philippines?


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Nobody is ever too old for Disney

Ehhh I am fifty-six and I love going to Disney 🙂 why not? I think Disney is not for kids only , it is also for young adult .. adult who are young at heart! well, that’s ME! Raise your hand and your feet as well if you are a Disney lover 🙂

I had a great moment with my newly first time DAD nephews. First stop, The EPCOT and I think I enjoyed Minnie and Goofy than my grandniece.

DSC_8907 DSC_8913

First thing foremost, we rode Spaceship Earth, exploring the history of communication from the stone age to the computer age. Tour around different ethnicity, exploring the culture and cuisines of 11 countries.

At night, we dine at California Grill and watched the spectacular Halloween fireworks from the observatory deck.

Next stop ..Disney’s Animal Kingdom! I enjoyed the musical show “Lion King”.

And of course the best part is ..Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Thank you for my nephews and their family to bring the kid ;literally 🙂 ..in Me!

Never too old! Nobody 🙂

with my grandnieces ..Kaira and Emily Ann
with my grandniece ..Kaira and Emily Ann



Worn out shoes worth 200K Swiss Francs

My Kevin's Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.
My Kevin’s Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.
Roll your eyes and raised your eyebrow!


I jumped and raised my hands with a full smile and tears in my eyes..


this is the dream that we chased and owned and will continue to do so


Term 7 is finally done! Waiting for September to seal the degree of Bachelor of Culinary Arts and off to Santa Catalina Island Company , USA as Culinary Arts Management Trainee.

Wow! My emotion is soaring high, I won’t tell you how many times I edited and deleted my words because I know my Chef Kevin doesn’t like drama and flares, he rather take in, all the positivity and let the negativity inspires him to move on. But I would like to share with you that it wasn’t an easy ride for both of us.

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them. and you will have them. ” Mark 11:24 

My budget was only for two years and I told him, if in any case I can’t send you anymore to finish your Bachelors degree, please find a job and continue to pursue your dream. There’s no point of stopping! We tightened our belt, closed our eyes to the things that we don’t need and can afford to do without. I borrowed money from here to there. While others are building their mansions and buying properties,acquiring signature bags and jewelries..I am working hard, saving every amount I can. Every salaries ,it only took seconds in my hand, it goes to pay bills and debt. Kevin was able to adjust to the standard of living and not to the luxuries of other students who has both parents to pay the bills. It was not only financial problem but also adjusting to the new environment, to the new system ,meeting and dealing with different people with a different culture. Being alone in a foreign land without a family to run to every time a mishap happens was a difficult if not the saddest part of being by yourself. I won’t bore you to go on details the low and high moments of what happened in three years but I can share a few :-)..I know..i can hear MOM!!! hahaha

Look at this shoes..this is love..this is hard work..this is the future..

200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc
200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc
– going to College at a tender age of 17, knowing the budget is only for two years, the uncertainty..the pressure of finishing on time doubled or even more..

– finishing the full 7 terms in three years, leading to Bachelors Degree is an incredible journey and an awesome accomplishment. My eldest son quotes that stayed on my mind when he was giving his advise to my youngest son.

“Make your own mistake and learn from it , DON”T COPY OURs “

– getting sick all alone by yourself especially the car accident, losing money to bad people, travelling alone with only less than 20 Swiss franc or sometimes only 20 Saudi riyal 🙂  unfortunately at times, we blamed credit cards that doesn’t work!

– working hard on the job training, sometimes you don’t share because you know the weight on my shoulder are already too heavy to carry by one person only.

– and on top of all the difficulties, there was also Dad’s infidelity rumours, those sharp tongue came like sword lashing every strength I have (gossips of mindless people). With your pale lips, trying to smile and gave me comfort, I saw a brave man mightier than I thought; you gave me an extra boots to let it go.  There were also people who were so envious of sending you to Switzerland and made an obnoxious remarks of where will I get money? Are you serious? duh! am I committing a sin?  Switzerland? If a normal office clerk man can send his son in UK what about a Cosmetic Dentist mom? Does this make sense?

With all the adversity….you took it with profound sanity..pound by pound,moment by moment..

My son, Kevin, I am proud of the young man you’ve become, finishing College at age 20! You showed courage ,confidence and dignity that every parent would like to see in their young adult son or daughter. I am honoured to be a part of your journey and I know in every chapter of your life there is always a new beginning. And this is it!  another country, another culture, another experience and I wish you all the happiness and good luck to a new adventure; my nomadic Chef! Explore the world, gather all the spices, make a fusion of each continents’ dishes and make your own signature dish, your own secret spice and conquer the world’s cuisine! Whoa! dream BIG! its free 🙂

This is how you begin your journey at a age 17.
This is how you begun your journey at a age 17. One day will come that you will be standing in front of your own restaurant or bistro 🙂
Ladies, did your eyebrow dropped and your mouth opened with an “O”?, don’t worry I won’t take it against you, because I took it as a challenge and not an obstacle and I can assure you, slowly and surely we will hit the goal!

” I rather spent my money in my son’s education and see a good future ahead of them..than spent It in a beautiful house with an empty mind.”

To my real friends and my special friend..Thank you for all your support,drying my tears and joining my craziness  🙂 to my 2 brothers here in Jeddah, my boss and staff, thank you for always standing by and to my princess patient who always give a good tip 😉 for my Chef Kevin.

To my eldest son, Edgie thank you so much, I couldn’t do it easier and better without you on my side, thank you for being a confidante and an arbiter between us 🙂

and to all the people around the world who in one way or another  my Nomadic Chef Kevin have had share moments, thank you for  the experience !

Thank you Cesar Ritz College ( Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland)

God bless.



Boodle fight last Friday

Boodle fight OFW style in Jeddah. No meat just fish and vegetables 🙂

Pinoy Kamayan
Pinoy Kamayan

2015-04-03 at 17-55-49

2015-04-03 at 17-56-15

2015-04-03 at 17-56-52

This picture was taken before the boodle fight 🙂

2015-04-03 at 18-02-45

and what is left after the boodle fight?

2015-04-03 at 18-38-01

and this after 🙂 see my bulging tummy hahaha beautybeyondfifty is enjoying life to the max!

2015-04-03 at 14-22-20

Ladies ,make your life easy..enjoy the simple things in life 🙂



Bonding time at Eric Zemmour, Jeddah KSA

Last week, I blogged about 5’Os meeting 6’Os…what about if 2’Os to be.. meet double 5 ?? A mother and daughter bonding?

I wish! Well, having only two sons without a daughter is also fun… we enjoy travelling together, we share same interest like photography and food but it’s nothing like .. let’s go to salon…let’s pamper ourselves 🙂


So, I asked Kristine my daughters’ friend, she is like my daughter and one of the pioneer members of the “Kids Fun Club” I organised and handled from 2001-2010. Imagine.., she was only 6 yrs. old then..and now a blooming lovely lady. Yakks!  I think I felt I am on my 60s!

#throwback I miss you all!
I miss you all!


We went to ‘Eric Zemmour” a luxurious hair salon in Rawdah District, Jeddah KSA. To my surprise, this is the same staff in E-spa where I used to do my hair and my regular gym routine. Hmmm, I wonder what they gonna do with my membership? I believe they still owe me 2-3 months, Let’s wait and see 🙂

Anyhow, back to beauty regimen, I decided to have a new colour and Kristine choose to do her nails.


I choose a bit dark colour to cover my grey hair and trim down my hair. Well, another coincidence, my hair stylist name is also Meriam, She is from Morroco, her hand is soft which is good for my delicate scalp.


It’s friday and there were men still working outside the building, so I guess there was some water difficulty somewhere that they used cold mineral water to rinse my hair 🙂 I like it though, cool and the chair massage was on, so kind of tickly to my ear and back hahaha way to go!

front view
front view
side view
side view

Here’s before and after photo;


Well, what’s your verdict?… not bad for soon to be double 5!

And after salon, of course, we went to The Cheesecake factory, I ordered skinnylicious veggie burger unfortunately, it was not available, so it’s Friday..no diet… Enjoy! huh! I ate all the french fries on the side ( I was so engrossed to our conversation ) Excuses :-)… I know! Seriously, It was a beautiful night for two beautiful ladies…psst! we forego of cheesecake, Our tummy was already complaining so we ended the night with good smile and sweet memories.

Thank you Kristine, hope to see you more often while your still on holiday.

Ladies, my verdict? it’s ok! not bad…good experience at Eric Zemmour.

Did I mentioned the cost? 🙂 🙂 secret! oh well, the hair cut cost 150 SR and one hair colour cost SR380. Expensive??