Boodle fight last Friday

Boodle fight OFW style in Jeddah. No meat just fish and vegetables πŸ™‚

Pinoy Kamayan
Pinoy Kamayan

2015-04-03 at 17-55-49

2015-04-03 at 17-56-15

2015-04-03 at 17-56-52

This picture was taken before the boodle fight πŸ™‚

2015-04-03 at 18-02-45

and what is left after the boodle fight?

2015-04-03 at 18-38-01

and this after πŸ™‚ see my bulging tummy hahaha beautybeyondfifty is enjoying life to the max!

2015-04-03 at 14-22-20

Ladies ,make your life easy..enjoy the simple things in life πŸ™‚



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