MOVE OVER – American tourist in Zurich

classic tour in Zurich

Hence, I am flying early back home; I decided to travel a day ahead to Zurich. Travelling alone with a big luggage in tow is a hassle on train but I manage to find my seat. I put my luggage in front besides an empty seat hoping no other passenger will need to sit on it. After a few stops, a smiling couple sits beside me and I am so apologetic about my luggage. They smile, nod their head and shrugged their shoulder off signaling they are not bothered at all. Thank goodness!

Arriving at the Zurich airport on time, I went straight to a waiting hotel shuttle bus. Looking at my watch, I still have the afternoon to see the central town of Zurich. Great!

subway i got to enter to get into the other side of the train station in Kloten

I hurriedly put my things in my room and walk to the train station. The trip took around 20 min and I only have 5 minutes to reach the bus station to where the city tour begins.

inside the subway

It seems the bus is already full when I reach the place but the conductor waves signaling there’s another seat unoccupied.

So I hop in and found the only seat available with a guy sitting with his legs wide open, I politely excused myself to

get into the window seat but he didn’t move at all.

He said, “This seat is too small for two” so I went at the back of the bus trying to find a place and looking to all the passengers, huh! Every seat has two passengers whether fat or thin, big or small, I look again to this guy and he was also thin and definitely I’m not fat! So what’s the problem?

I look at the driver/conductor and with my eyes wide open and arms open, an attitude of “come ‘on do something, where I gonna sit? He got up and with German accent , he talk to the guy whose legs are still widely open, He argues but the driver speaks in German language trying to tell him, this seat is for two understand!

I excused myself again, went to the window seat and the lady (his companion) next to our seat said to him “go to the window so you can see better” so while we are switching I commented, “you know we all paid for this tour, everyone should have a fair share”!

i missed all the nice view

If only I have enough time, I would love to go down from the bus and refund my fare but I remained seated, half of my butt on the seat and half is out (with my eyes rolling , I told myself this is gonna be my day!) The bus started to move, I put my feet firmly on the floor trying to balance so I won’t fall and positioned my camera to take pictures, I want to get his face but I hesitated, not to fuel the fire more than to burst, we are after all in a foreign land. Who needs trouble?

After 20 minutes, he started a conversation, his legs still wide open and half of my butt still out, rolling my eyes again, ah what now?

He asked, from where are you?

Me: from Philippines (my reply is as stiff as my neck, trying to get a good picture of the scenery)

the best i can get (fuming)

He: Oh! a lot of Filipinos in America ( I know you are trying to tell me you are an American)

Me: yeah, of course everywhere there’s a lot of Filipino tourist, here in Europe and in America! Everywhere! (keeping my eyebrow down)

He: I mean Filipina nurses working in a hospital. (His voice more relax so as his legs, my butt still out!)

Me: So you are working as what? (I didn’t roll my eyes, but one eyebrow a little up; I wonder what he is up to)

He: I am a medical doctor.

Me: oh I see, and what specialty? (Professional and an American Doctor, where is your etiquette? Or just simply be a gentlemen!)

He: Neurology (Oh my! And you are acting like that? Have you look around and see all the passengers in two’s seating comfortably) Yesterday, we were on the tour also and it wasn’t like this, the seat are wider.

Me: this is a classic bus, so  what do you expect? I was in Boston last year and they have the same seat, it was fun! (unlike now, thanks to you…)

He: Oh you been to Boston? (This time his legs a bit closing)

this is a memorable picture (really with my butt out)

Me: Yes, I am a Dentist; I did my post grad in Aesthetic Dentistry in University of Minnesota. And now my youngest son is in his first year in Cesar Ritz College of Switzerland. You should visit the Alps, the chocolate factory in Gruyère, Geneva, we had great time last year…(in short, mr. american tourist, I am professional and I’ve been to many places in the world but I don’t act like you, we are all tourist after all!)

I felt he moves his butt and closed his legs a bit but I remained seated as before, No way, I won’t move closer to you Mr. American tourist in Zurich!

Just a small note for you: Please the next time you are on tour be kind and be gentlemen!

Good Manners are universal!

MOVE over !

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