Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

blog is like a desert – an endless body of thoughts

My discoveries are endless…I will continue to learn… to share… to dream…and to inspire!

i got my inspiration from my sons passion in photography

It is hard being alone in a foreign land where a woman’s voice is as rare as the rain pours. I was inspired to write my thoughts, what is happening around, the places I have been, the people I have met. I was inspired by other women who continues to fight, to dream and live happily in-spite of their difficulties.

bonding with friends, laughter and places are inspiration

Yes, out of boredom, i was inspired to start blogging but not to out pour my negativity but instead to inspire other women, to motivate them that there is beauty beyond fifty. I was inspired to learn how to take pictures from my sons who are both artistic on their own merit. I was inspired by the feedback i got from the readers.

self timer is on! at 53 I can still run and jump

I started my blog February 7, 2011, three months to go and  a year will pass, I will continue to blog, a memories of my days, places,friends and my families and to my would be grandchildren and their children,to them…my  memories,my thoughts, my life beyond fifty will always be remembered.

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