Beautybeyondfifty meet sweet sixteen’…JS prom

Queen of the night

Yes, the beauty beyond fifties, made their way to the JS prom of sixteen and below. A reminiscence of the past comes rushing back; I guess mothers are more excited as their daughters/son to look for their own attire of the evening. This is the night to wear the best suit, gown or dress, be the king/ queen or prince/princess of the night and be the Star and shine!! : Young and adult are all excited.jsprom31

I came late from work and hurried up to the venue, I decided to wear casual, anyhow, my mission was to take my photography in different level…Wow, what level? ZERO level, my D7000 first prom!jsprom14

Kidding aside, seeing the faces of the mothers, their eyes bewildered to what will happen to their daughter/son. As I looked around, I remember my own JS prom, back then, Miss junior and Senior was already chosen, I was Miss Junior and Miss Alma Mater but I haven’t seen my mother so excited to what I should wear on that particular night, all I heard from her was.. ”ikaw na naman?”  (You again?) so for me, that was not a big deal! Whether I wore pink gown or white gown, I still have the crown. I am not in the cotillion either because I was on the stage as the Muse of the Junior and Senior.jsprom25 jsprom24 jsprom22 jsprom27

Oh well, I don’t have daughter to experience the shopping mode to get a gown and jewelries to match the occasion, although when my first son went to JS prom, I was more than thrilled, I was there to choose his suit and be excited for his moment…from flowers and corsage, to picking her up from her house, his first dance with his first girlfriend..That was the magical moment!jsprom33

mother and daughter
mother and daughter

jsprom19And so what’s new Jeddah, I had the opportunity to be invited four years ago to the JS prom and last night was not a different one. Parents were present to support their daughter and son, School staff and the guards are on look out too, after all we are in a very conservative country. JS prom was like a beauty pageant where there were judges to decide who will be the King and Queen, Prince and princess etc. I did not witnessed the turnover ceremony (I was late), but I heard it was great!

There were a lot of pretty young ladies, wearing nice gown, make up, long fake eyelashes and flashy hairdo. The young men were also equally elegant in their suit. It seemed they were not bothered by the heat, all smiled and poised! And when the winners were announced, parent’s faces are overrated of joy, all the effort were vindicated but of course, there were “ah” and “ oh” (positive and negative feedback) but who cares, free dance was announced, this is the moment the junior and senior are waiting for but wait… what? Please take your parents to the dance floor…Come on you’re kidding!!!jsprom10

So there you go …when beautybeyondfifty meets sixteen and below… it’s hilarious!

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