I am your secret Admirer!

I have known you since my childhood days. This is the perfect timing to let you know how I admire you.atemila

Remember the good old days? … I used to go to your house.. for a short holiday and even stayed with you for a semester.

I used to see your dresses all marked with the days of the week, so as not to wear the same clothes on the same class your teaching in college. With matching bags and shoes. You are so beautiful, with or without make up.When I was growing up, my pimples were also in a hurry to fill up my face, while your face is so clear, devoid of any irregularities. I am so jealous and wish I had your skin too!

You move so fast, four children, three stories house to manage, teaching jobs and yet you manage to have a small business every Wednesday in Baclaran. Huh! How do you do all that?… Multi tasking is the name!

I remember, I went twice with you in Baclaran. Taking all sacs of different kinds of bras (yes different sizes,different styles) putting it all in one Jeep (Philippine made vehicle), we left your house around 2:30 in the morning and came back late in the evening. And yet, I didn’t see any trace of tiredness in  your face, still full of energy and I can’t help but to admire your diligence.

I have seen your ups and down, I’m too young to comprehend but I felt your strength,  you smile even in times of sadness, your determination surpasses all the mishap and yet you remained humble.

Many years have passed and I saw you again with a dreadful news that you got Cancer and yet, I saw the same woman, full of courage, wit, grace and humility.

Ate Mila, I am your secret admirer! I am grateful to have met you, beside my mom, you are the only woman who was close to me when I was growing up , I got no big sister to look up to but you were there. Thank you!

Happy Mother’s day!tulip-95a

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Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

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  1. Yesss it’s ate mila… sad to know … thanks a lot mimi for bringing me to ate milas place

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