I planted my Christmas tree ;-)

This will be my 26th Christmas in Saudi Arabia, way back then, it was hard to find a Christmas tree and decor and its even a taboo to greet each other  a “Merry Christmas ” in public. But now a days and these past few years,Shops are on festive decorations, people (whatever religion) greet us “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”. Shops freely sell artificial  Christmas trees and decor, gift wrapping and discount sale too.

Hence, we couldn’t celebrate freely in public, we always  make sure we have Christmas decor at home and celebrate it with our love ones too! Obviously, not everyone is around ,so a group of friends just come together and tried to mimic the ambience of holiday season in the Philippines.

My children are not coming home this Christmas so I was hesitant to put up my Christmas tree but I have my brothers and my friends to celebrate with so what’s the heck! bring it on….shall i say, get it out from the box!! Yes, it’s a fake Christmas tree!

Am I excited? Sigh! I wish I can say that but as I was assembling it, the memories of my children, their excited faces asking if Santa is coming to Saudi Arabia huh! if he got an entry visa maybe! Kidding aside,having kids at home is like Christmas everyday. I really miss them so much.

Oh well, let met continue my story, I was already on the third top to complete the Christmas tree when I  heard a sound, Crackkkk!

Your guess is right! The stand broke down, I called my elder brother to help me fixed it but no matter what we do like, tied it…, glue it…it just doesn’t work!


Last option? I planted it! 🙂 literally, I used to have a  plant in a big pot but it didn’t grow up,the soil was still intact..why not?

So here you go.. Christmas tree in the pot!!


Merry Christmas to all! :-)


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