Beyond burnt cookies,failed macarons and cheese cakes…

Cheese cake factory recently opened in Le Mall, Jeddah. My friends and I went to see the place, there was a huge crowd outside and once in.., the queue was even longer,we were told to wait 40 minutes! Oh my! This is always the scenario when a new restaurant opens in Saudi Arabia. Wait another two months and this crowd will disappear slowly and other places will be back in business as usual.

The experienced prompted me to challenge myself that I can make cheese cake at home instead of waiting in this restaurant for 40 minutes or even more. So, here we go, searching for a simple recipe to start with and be acquainted again with Mr. oven!

Well, I thought, why not start with cookies? Peanut butter chocolate cookies. I remember teaching the kids and teens about primary and secondary colours, fractions and measurements and what is the best way to have fun and learn at the same time?

i guess eating those cookies are more fun than learning how to make it!
i guess eating those cookies are more fun than learning how to make it!

As far as I remember, I stop baking when my youngest son was in High school. Hmmm, let’s try! alright, a broken flour shifter, the rubber spatula is sticky, the baking tin is rusty but I wasn’t discourage, I went ahead and wallah!

I did let my clinic staff sampled my cookies, they told me it taste nice though it was slightly burnt, I guess they were just polite and kind to their senior dentist!

Next try!

cheese cake… not bad for the first attempt. I was lucky, it was our Christmas party and my friends were so kind to their verdict ๐Ÿ™‚ well, I was on the phone with my Culinary student (my youngest son) giving me some tips…like beat it manually so as not to incorporate bubbles, add more eggs etc.

my first attempt to bake cheese cake
my first attempt to bake cheese cake

It was exciting to believe, I can still bake! so, I was a bit courageous to make french macarons. hahaha oh well, it was a fluff! ;-( I should have just stayed away from the kitchen and remained in Dentistry department!

alright, maybe I should try one more time, another cheese cake

So sweet but delicious!

and another try with chocolate frosting, I gave to my patient and they couldn’t believe.. I, their Dentist can also make a cheese cake! I even challenge my friends to come and try my cheese cake and promised them, once they tasted it…they will still be breathing and kicking ๐Ÿ˜‰

and more try outs!!

fresh strawberry glaze
fresh strawberry glaze
fresh kiwi and lemon topping
fresh kiwi and lemon topping

and cheese cake bites

The week was a festival of cheese cakes and more are coming but I have to stop for a while because all my friends are going out of the country. I guess to run away from my cheese cakes! joke! they will be away for two weeks holiday ๐Ÿ™‚

So ladies, beyond burnt cookies, failed macaroons and cheese cakes, it was a delightful weekย to have all my friends and brothers’ support, remembering my two sons smiling faces, waiting for my cookies (burnt or not, it’s mom’s cookies).. thank you from the bottom of my oven…:-) from the bottom of my heart!

Kudos to my son Kevin,to theabakescupcake, ciarra and to nympha. It was not an easy kitchen journey but I salute you all for your patience and diligence to your work.


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