Tike a taste of Istanbul

IMG_0014Today we opted not to cook lunch at home, instead we went to Tike (a little piece of meat) restaurant offering a taste of Istanbul.Oh, this is the time I am missing my sons most! We all love to explore different kind of cuisine.

The place is explicitly simple and yet so pleasing to the eyes.

grilled in charcoal
grilled in charcoal

They offer barbecue by 1 meter and 2 meters, but we’re only three so we choose something good enough to fill our tummy.

The feta bread, although authentic and tasty, there was too much flour,it cling to my hands, so messy to handle. Hummus was just right, the most I love was the Kobe and grilled eggplant.


The grilled lamb was so tender and tasty. On dessert, I didn’t like the kunafa, the authentic Dondurma, turkish Ice cream, made of milk,sugar,salep and mastic gum,I find the texture so elastic and unique. in other words.. slimy and sweet 🙂 Oh well, It was nice to experience different taste and place. I hope one day I can travel to Istanbul and explore more 🙂




Tike is located at Khalidiyyah, Al Rawdha district, near King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia.

Ladies, all photos were taken by iPhone 4, I love it!



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