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Burnt or black pizza?

Have you tried black pizza? We did tried the brown bread but black pizza? Well, last night I had the chance to tried it and I love it! My friend is moving back to Philippines for good, so for the last time we had an early dinner and we went to seventy seven burger and

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Home baked Cheesecake Challenge : 50th Flavour

The idea of Challenging myself with different flavours of Cheesecake started Dec.25th of year 2013. January 15, 2014 was the day I uploaded my first Cheesecake and wallah! today is the day of the 50th Flavour. Shall I go for a bang! or shall I make a simple one? I choose a simple Berries Cheesecake! A

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone but not forgotten

The challenge I took to make fifty Flavours of Cheesecakes,all eaten and gone but not totally forgotten! My favourite shots: <a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/gone-but-not-forgotten/”>Gone, But Not Forgotten</a>   ©Copyrights protected

Home baked Cheesecake: Flavour # 48 Guava Cheesecake

Countdown…2 We were having an afternoon snacks, the waiter asked. drinks? orange juice for me please! my friend will have iced tea and I asked my other friend, how about you? Guava juice! huh! hows’ the taste? I asked , nice and sweet, hmm got an idea..guess what? Cheesecake.. they all cheers to the idea

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Home baked Cheesecake: Flavour # 47 Tamarillo-Kiwi Cheesecake

Count down …3 I was looking for an exotic flavour for my 47th Cheesecake, another suggestion came from my friend who suggested Tamarillo.. huh! another fruit that I am not familiar with 🙂 I have learned that this fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and has low-fat and calories content.Hmmm good to try!

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Dubai,UAE Food Trip with Chef Kevin (day 4) at Nobu

  My last night in Dubai … I can’t leave without even trying to see Atlantis The palm Dubai, unfortunately our reservation was already late in the evening. It took us about 40 minutes drive from the city premier to Atlantis. the driver dropped us a bit far from the entrance of the hotel and

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Dubai,UAE Food Trip with Chef Kevin (day 2)

Friday brunch at Kitchen 6, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai..what an awesome experience! Chef Kevin and I choose once more to dine at JW Marriott, His work starts at 2 in the afternoon and we invited his cousins to join us for lunch so the choice was perfect!   Kitchen 6 is located at the

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Home baked Cheesecake: Flavour # 45 Apple Rose Cheesecake

Countdown…5 I love the look and taste of my Cheesecake Flavour no. 45..Apple Rose Cheesecake Actually, I have seen Apple Rose pie in pin interest, so It gave me an idea, why not? Apple rose Cheesecake! At first, I cut the apple into thin slices, add water and sugar and boiled it for 15 minutes

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