Home baked Cheesecake Challenge : 50th Flavour

The idea of Challenging myself with different flavours of Cheesecake started Dec.25th of year 2013.

my first attempt to make cheese cake
my first attempt to make cheese cake

January 15, 2014 was the day I uploaded my first Cheesecake

happy Dulce de leche Cheesecake
happy Dulce de leche Cheesecake

and wallah! today is the day of the 50th Flavour. Shall I go for a bang! or shall I make a simple one?

I choose a simple Berries Cheesecake!

50th : Berries Cheesecake
50th : Berries Cheesecake

A simple one will be a cheesy one too! not too sweet and yet it is deliciously insane 🙂 The extended crust on the side makes it more crunchy but so creamy and soft inside.

2014-12-19 at 15-47-05

I made another one, added more eggs into it, same taste only varies in texture!

Christmas Cheesecake
Christmas Cheesecake

Weight versus experience?

So what did I learned from this experience aside from gaining weight? 🙂 hahaha I know you gonna ask, did I put some weight? Oh well! I am happy that in one year I gained 3 kilo, not because I ate all the Cheesecakes but because I was lazy to do my routine exercise.

Lessons Learned 🙂

> eat anything but in small portions and don’t forget to exercise!

> baking is not easy, I salute all the bakers,chefs and all in the culinary department! May you have good health and strength to feed us all 🙂

> being passionate in what you do will lighten the load of doing it.

> nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it, but having said that..you really need to dig in into your last penny to buy the ingredients 🙂

> lastly, as I gained weight, I also gained experience and I gained friends too ! not to mention I gained enemy too hahaha.. I ruined their diet!!

Do’s and Don’ts of making cheesecakes?

Well, I can’t say what works for me will work on you too but it’s fun to experiment and find your thing!

* make do of what you have 🙂

I’m still using my old oven with faded numbers of the temperature, it took me awhile to get the right temperature but I manage. And I am still using hand-held mixer, it works!

*don’t mix too long

the more you mix the more air get’s in ,which resulted to more bubbles in cheesecake.

*bake one day ahead

Chilling the baked cheesecake overnight will prevent further cracking as you remove it from the pan

*always make an extra cupcake size for tasting

I make sure I have extra butter to bake with the same recipe of the day so I know the taste.

*gently and slowly

have a lil’ patience, use water-bath to control the oven temperature, use your oven timer and don’t open the oven door now and then to check if it’s done! Sudden change of temperature will cause cracking of the cheesecake. When its wobbling at the middle, turn off the heat, leave the door slightly ajar and let it cool for an hour before removing it.

What kind of Cheese I used?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Though most of my recipes I used Philadelphia cream cheese, I also used Italian cheese like Mascaporne and Ricotta cheese. I also used the famous Kiri Cheese in KSA.


Well, it all taste good, it varies in texture, i.e. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is more denser than Mascarpone or Ricotta Cheese. Kiri Cheese is also denser but it’s quite heavy compared to Philadelphia.


I did use flour on some of my mini cheesecake especially when I use my cupcake pans. It gives more firmness and sturdiness on the cheesecake. If I don’t want to use flour, I add extra egg yolk to enhance the bind and velvety texture.

Hmmm.. Ladies did I forget anything? Or maybe you can give some tips of yours, that I can follow the next time I make another flavour. huh? there’s next time?

hahaha maybe, but I guess year 2015 will be a year of Beauty and Fashion 😉


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