The awkward moment of waiting for my date at the Emirate mall :-)

Dubai day 4 –  The Miracle Garden of Dubai, is on my list to visit..imagine! 45 million flowers in 72000 sqm area in a desert?  who can’t be curious at that?

not me! – kevin said, but if you want it’s ok for me, I’ll go with you.

you’re right! I woke up early in the morning just to find him very sleepy and sluggish, well, probably he was not well yet.

So, I decided to brave the road alone in a taxi to see the magic moment I was waiting for… huh! almost one hour drive .. only to found out ..CLOSED!! what? the website said , oh dear, what a day, no advance notice whatsoever…# %* #.

Anyhow, it’s too early in the morning to ruin the day so, I decided to went straight to  Mall of the Emirates (Emirate mall).


high ceiling
high ceiling

2014-11-16 at 14-23-06

A lot of international outlet and restaurant to choose from! and this also housed the first Middle East indoor ski, the Ski Dubai. I roamed around before calling my date that I gonna wait for him here.

2014-11-16 at 14-25-10

2014-11-16 at 14-28-06

Hmm let’s see if I can get some souvenirs from Dubai.

2014-11-16 at 15-14-25

2014-11-16 at 15-09-00

900 dirhams?
900 dirham?

Oh well, I can’t afford to spend any more dirham 🙂 Walking by myself, carrying a camera touristic moment but not really fun doing it, so I decided to have  light breakfast and sipped Seattle’s best coffee and churros!

2014-11-16 at 16-27-47



and finally here he comes, my nomadic Chef Kevin..we went to bookstores, walk few more rounds before having lunch at Cheesecake factory and of course, movie date at reel Cinema.

What movie?

Big Hero 6 🙂

Great time!! worth waiting for my date 🙂

happiness 🙂 🙂



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