The wedding based on “KISS” principle

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done by the bride @theabakescupcakes

September 27, 2018

lets just go.
get on a bus, a plane or a boat.
away from here.

let’s get out of here and celebrate whats ours.
not theirs.

no rings. no complications.
just what its meant to be.

it’s not the next step. not marriage.
just a promise.
not to the law, not to the universe.
just us.

it’s not a piece of paper, its not the rings
it’s what I gave you from the very start

respect, trust and patience

so lets just go
away from here
where we can celebrate the way its meant to be
we can go anywhere

you and me

 – written by Edge Suarez

The couple would like to have a very simple civil wedding which I would say based on “KISS” principle. KISS – Keep it simple and selected or splendid! (i just made this up)

Who is the groom? yep! my eldest son Edge 🙂 click here

yep! I screwed up, I took a blurry wedding photos 🙁

Who is the bride? Thea!  click here

Yep! She did her wedding cake, simple with Edge in her mind, He loves her red velvet cake.

Edge and Thea

There is no bridesmaid and flower girl but of course, I have my youngest son who became the ring / bible bearer plus he is also the best man 🙂 all in one! The guest includes the family and closest friends of the couple. Pastor Glen officiated the ceremony at Tahanan Bistro in Antipolo.

Photo credit: Kevin Suarez

It’s ok not to come home ma, just be at our grand wedding in Hawaii! 

No!! a big NO! I won’t miss this one! no matter how simple it is, it’s not about signing that marriage contract, It is not about whether its simple or grand, it’s about witnessing the day you take your bride, stepping to another stage of life, your future and the future of your own family. I was not able to attend your college graduation and a lot of important occasions in your life but I won’t be an absentee on this one 🙂

It was for me a mixed emotions, I am happy you are marrying the love of  your life, I am happy that I will have a daughter I call my own but I also feel sad that I will take a second lead in your heart , mom has to step back to give way to your wife. But it was a short sadness, a thought for a second because I know you found a woman who will also take care and love you and accept me as her mom too. Now, I have both of you and of course your brother Kevin. Wow! Our family is getting bigger 🙂

 ” It is not all just love, I believed there’s more to it than just loved and be loved in return. there must be respect, trust and patience, I promise to give you that”

– edge

Yes, love is not enough to become one, marriage is not a security to grow old together , God gave us heart to feel, to love one another, He gave us brain to know what is right and what is wrong, He gave us heart and brain to respect, trust and have patience to one another. Marriage is not all glitters, it has its own flaw, it is a continuous struggles, of hard work to make it through, it is not for one but for the two of you. One should know when to apologized if wrong and one should be accepting and forgiving, whoever is at fault should not forget to straightened out what went wrong. “Sorry” is nothing if you don’t mean it. Both have to give 100 percent of themselves because I believed marriage is not fifty-fifty, you give yourself wholeheartedly and should remained that way.

” being perfectly imperfect,today I commit my life to you, I promise to love you wholeheartedly no matter what”


Edge and Thea

Photo credit: Ken Mariano

To my dearest Edge and Thea,

Please take care of each other, give your hundred percent to this relationship and may you be blessed with children who would love you the same. I wish you all the best and whatever dream you may have to each own , don’t forget you are a team. Work for “Us” and not for “I”. For being “one” is stronger than being apart. Remember to compliment each other and not to be weary of the flaw of one. Help each other to grow, guide each other and never forget how you started, keep the respect and trust and love will bloom even more.God bless you both!

KISS – keep it safe and secure

I love you.



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And the adventures continues…

After spending sixteen (16) years in Jeddah, KSA,three (3) years in Lucern, Brig, Le Bouveret,Switzerland, six(6) months in Dubai, UAE and one (1) year in LA, California USA, my nomadic Chef Kevin will try to woo Asia. While his brother Edge, the photographer will have another year in USA.

And the adventures continues..keep on dreaming..keep reaching your goal and soon it will be a reality.

Now, you have graduated both and ready to venture at your own, I thought I could have relax  🙂   but no! It’s another chapter, another adventure, another excitement and more prayers.

Thank you Lord for your guidance.

Thank you for the precious gift of having two sons

Thank you for the gift of strength and  wisdom

Thank you for your protection 

Once again …

Lord, I release them to you to care for and protect

I pray that you would give the same guidance and direction

May they turn to you Lord for all decisions so that they will not make poor choices.

Help them to see the treasures of wisdom and knowledge through You.

May the glorious power be with you all.


I wish you Kevs and Edge the best adventures, to have a happy and peaceful life. I know it will be more difficult than easy but don’t worry,you are equipped with knowledge and skills that will give you a push and find your way to success.

Remember, even though you are a citizens of the world, your home is in my heart. Though we may not be physically together,our love will connects us. Sooner or later we will see each other again. Take good care of your health. We have a lot of exploration ahead of us.

God bless.

I love you both!

Cheers and kisses,


Age 57: my funny summer adventure (part 2)

San Diego, California 

21 jun 2016

we took an early road trip to San Diego. passing through scenic beaches of huntington, newport, laguna and dana point.

guess what’s the choice of chef kevin for lunch?

Brazillian steak!

ok what’s the funny part?

well, at the middle of the dining table there’s a fire which I thought we will be using to grill some steak😜 toink! its for heat on cold days😊



California Dream : Los Angeles to Santa Catalina Island (part 1)

2015-09-20 at 07-32-15

With my 29 years of being an Expatriate in Saudi Arabia, I have never experienced a month-long holiday without a conference or dental meeting to attend to. I haven’t seen my eldest son for two years since he moved to Santa Monica, CA. I was so excited that I packed my luggage a week before my departure, only to unpacked it a day before 🙂 Why? Because he said, the weather is hot , just bring summer clothes (shirt and short), huh! What about my pictorial? I have a very talented photographer (that’s my eldest :-)) in hand, I need a nicer clothes for every place I am going to.. click! click! why not? hahaha I know, you’re smiling and smiling.. I am not a model.. of anything..I am 56 years old, a mother of two , my goodness!

2015-09-18 at 09-14-26

but who cares? I managed to posed, hahaha that’s one thing my son can’t refused:-)

And so, touchdown Los Angeles at 7pm and went to Catalina Express at Avalon port, Long Beach early morning of Sept.18, 2015. that was an awesome one hour Ferry boat trip .. smooth sailing, quiet and peaceful.



2015-09-18 at 21-31-01

My youngest son, Chef Kevin who spent 3 years in Switzerland to finish his Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts had signed a year contract with Catalina Island Company, as a management trainee.I can’t expressed in words, how happy I was ..just looked at my smile and enjoy the scenery. If you need more information : please visit the site. or visit the Island itself and have a great holiday!

As the sun rises up, we saw Princess cruise ship, sailing near Catalina Island.

2015-09-18 at 22-27-13

and a lot more 🙂

2015-09-19 at 00-04-21

2015-09-19 at 00-04-03

2015-09-19 at 00-10-18

Chef Kevin was in the meeting when we arrived,while waiting we took our breakfast at the Pancake Cottage Restaurant.The place is clean, no traffic , I didn’t see a lot of cars, mostly golf car or bicycles. There are a lot of hotel accommodation to choose from but we simply opted for Atwater Hotel. A lot of restaurant around the areas too, not to mention an arcade of shopping stalls ( no shopping pls!). We dine at Avalon Grille, of course where Chef Kevin works! We also tried Bluewater Avalon Seafood Restaurant, Restorante Villa Portofino, Big Olafs,Mr. Nings Chinese Garden,Mexican Restaurant..Oh yeah it’s a food trip for us!

Atwater Hotel
Hotel Atwater

While our main reason of being in the Island was to see Chef Kevin, we also enjoyed our food trip and had an East End Adventure tour of the Island. Traveling to 1500 feet above sea level in H1 Hummer, wow! the scenery was superb and breathtaking !

2015-09-20 at 07-24-45 2015-09-20 at 07-31-21

We also saw Bisons/Buffalo,ground squirrel ,a fox and even a bald eagle which I was not able to take a picture. If I was going to take this trip again, I will not bring a camera to enjoy the trip and the scenery. It was an overwhelming experience of taking the photos and enjoying the natural beauty of the scenery. My photos did not do justice , this is a well worth the trip.

2015-09-20 at 08-09-02

2015-09-20 at 08-08-44

And of course, I will not leave the Island without trying one of their spa treatment. Another experience I would recommend after a long day of touring the island.

and a day trip to Avalon Theatre 🙂

a glimpse of Catalina ballroom 🙂

IMG_2144 IMG_2146

and the famous Descanso beach club which we were not able to visit but definitely will be on my top priority next visit 🙂



Thank you Lord for this wonderful family trip.




Weekly Photo Challenge – (extra)ordinary

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Capturing the sunrise on our way to Santa Catalina Island to visit my Chef Kevin is an extraordinary and the most memorable holiday to date..spending with my two sons makes it even more (extra) special 🙂

sunrise sunrise2 sunrise3 sunrise4 sunrise5 sunrise6 sunrise7 sunrise8 sunrise9 sunrise10 sunrise11 sunrise12 sunrise13 sunrise14 sunrise15 sunrise16 sunrise17 sunrise18 sunrise19 sunrise20 sunrise21 sunrise22 sunrise23 sunrise24

soon..,I’ll be posting photos of my California dream holiday 🙂



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Worn out shoes worth 200K Swiss Francs

My Kevin's Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.
My Kevin’s Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.
Roll your eyes and raised your eyebrow!


I jumped and raised my hands with a full smile and tears in my eyes..


this is the dream that we chased and owned and will continue to do so

Term 7 is finally done! Waiting for September to seal the degree of Bachelor of Culinary Arts and off to Santa Catalina Island Company , USA as Culinary Arts Management Trainee.

Wow! My emotion is soaring high, I won’t tell you how many times I edited and deleted my words because I know my Chef Kevin doesn’t like drama and flares, he rather take in, all the positivity and let the negativity inspires him to move on. But I would like to share with you that it wasn’t an easy ride for both of us.

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them. and you will have them. ” Mark 11:24 

My budget was only for two years and I told him, if in any case I can’t send you anymore to finish your Bachelors degree, please find a job and continue to pursue your dream. There’s no point of stopping! We tightened our belt, closed our eyes to the things that we don’t need and can afford to do without. I borrowed money from here to there. While others are building their mansions and buying properties,acquiring signature bags and jewelries..I am working hard, saving every amount I can. Every salaries ,it only took seconds in my hand, it goes to pay bills and debt. Kevin was able to adjust to the standard of living and not to the luxuries of other students who has both parents to pay the bills. It was not only financial problem but also adjusting to the new environment, to the new system ,meeting and dealing with different people with a different culture. Being alone in a foreign land without a family to run to every time a mishap happens was a difficult if not the saddest part of being by yourself. I won’t bore you to go on details the low and high moments of what happened in three years but I can share a few :-)..I know..i can hear MOM!!! hahaha

Look at this shoes..this is love..this is hard work..this is the future..

200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc
200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc
– going to College at a tender age of 17, knowing the budget is only for two years, the uncertainty..the pressure of finishing on time doubled or even more..

– finishing the full 7 terms in three years, leading to Bachelors Degree is an incredible journey and an awesome accomplishment. My eldest son quotes that stayed on my mind when he was giving his advise to my youngest son.

“Make your own mistake and learn from it , DON”T COPY OURs “

– getting sick all alone by yourself especially the car accident, losing money to bad people, travelling alone with only less than 20 Swiss franc or sometimes only 20 Saudi riyal 🙂  unfortunately at times, we blamed credit cards that doesn’t work!

– working hard on the job training, sometimes you don’t share because you know the weight on my shoulder are already too heavy to carry by one person only.

– and on top of all the difficulties, there was also Dad’s infidelity rumours, those sharp tongue came like sword lashing every strength I have (gossips of mindless people). With your pale lips, trying to smile and gave me comfort, I saw a brave man mightier than I thought; you gave me an extra boots to let it go.  There were also people who were so envious of sending you to Switzerland and made an obnoxious remarks of where will I get money? Are you serious? duh! am I committing a sin?  Switzerland? If a normal office clerk man can send his son in UK what about a Cosmetic Dentist mom? Does this make sense?

With all the adversity….you took it with profound sanity..pound by pound,moment by moment..

My son, Kevin, I am proud of the young man you’ve become, finishing College at age 20! You showed courage ,confidence and dignity that every parent would like to see in their young adult son or daughter. I am honoured to be a part of your journey and I know in every chapter of your life there is always a new beginning. And this is it!  another country, another culture, another experience and I wish you all the happiness and good luck to a new adventure; my nomadic Chef! Explore the world, gather all the spices, make a fusion of each continents’ dishes and make your own signature dish, your own secret spice and conquer the world’s cuisine! Whoa! dream BIG! its free 🙂

This is how you begin your journey at a age 17.
This is how you begun your journey at a age 17. One day will come that you will be standing in front of your own restaurant or bistro 🙂
Ladies, did your eyebrow dropped and your mouth opened with an “O”?, don’t worry I won’t take it against you, because I took it as a challenge and not an obstacle and I can assure you, slowly and surely we will hit the goal!

” I rather spent my money in my son’s education and see a good future ahead of them..than spent It in a beautiful house with an empty mind.”

To my real friends and my special friend..Thank you for all your support,drying my tears and joining my craziness  🙂 to my 2 brothers here in Jeddah, my boss and staff, thank you for always standing by and to my princess patient who always give a good tip 😉 for my Chef Kevin.

To my eldest son, Edgie thank you so much, I couldn’t do it easier and better without you on my side, thank you for being a confidante and an arbiter between us 🙂

and to all the people around the world who in one way or another  my Nomadic Chef Kevin have had share moments, thank you for  the experience !

Thank you Cesar Ritz College ( Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland)

God bless.



The awkward moment of waiting for my date at the Emirate mall :-)

Dubai day 4 –  The Miracle Garden of Dubai, is on my list to visit..imagine! 45 million flowers in 72000 sqm area in a desert?  who can’t be curious at that?

not me! – kevin said, but if you want it’s ok for me, I’ll go with you.

you’re right! I woke up early in the morning just to find him very sleepy and sluggish, well, probably he was not well yet.

So, I decided to brave the road alone in a taxi to see the magic moment I was waiting for… huh! almost one hour drive .. only to found out ..CLOSED!! what? the website said , oh dear, what a day, no advance notice whatsoever…# %* #.

Anyhow, it’s too early in the morning to ruin the day so, I decided to went straight to  Mall of the Emirates (Emirate mall).


high ceiling
high ceiling

2014-11-16 at 14-23-06

A lot of international outlet and restaurant to choose from! and this also housed the first Middle East indoor ski, the Ski Dubai. I roamed around before calling my date that I gonna wait for him here.

2014-11-16 at 14-25-10

2014-11-16 at 14-28-06

Hmm let’s see if I can get some souvenirs from Dubai.

2014-11-16 at 15-14-25

2014-11-16 at 15-09-00

900 dirhams?
900 dirham?

Oh well, I can’t afford to spend any more dirham 🙂 Walking by myself, carrying a camera touristic moment but not really fun doing it, so I decided to have  light breakfast and sipped Seattle’s best coffee and churros!

2014-11-16 at 16-27-47



and finally here he comes, my nomadic Chef Kevin..we went to bookstores, walk few more rounds before having lunch at Cheesecake factory and of course, movie date at reel Cinema.

What movie?

Big Hero 6 🙂

Great time!! worth waiting for my date 🙂

happiness 🙂 🙂



Dubai Food Trip with Chef Kevin – Galeries Lafayette (Day 3)

Third day of the conference, my chef Kevin was still not feeling well so after I’m done, we went strolling along the Dubai mall.

What a festive atmosphere in Lafayette Galleries!

I wish Jeddah would have something like this too 🙂 probably,.. in many long years? well, not really sure 🙂

2014-11-15 at 23-48-23

not only that..what about ham, pork and other foods ohh yes, we can’t have like this in Jeddah, not in million years!

Actually, we would like to have a  hot Thai soup to soothe chef Kevin’s sore throat unluckily, we were not able to reserve, so we opted to just go for a fast-food at the terrace of Outback steak, the food was not that  great, so we just enjoyed looking at the Dubai fountain.

2014-11-16 at 00-28-52

2014-11-16 at 00-31-03

2014-11-16 at 01-35-56 (1)

2014-11-16 at 01-05-15

2014-11-16 at 01-35-07

Not much to write though, we ended the night early for another day ahead.



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Dubai Food Trip with Chef Kevin – La Parilla -dine amid live Latin American music and dancing (Day 2)

2014-11-13 at 10-57-09

What a view to start the day!

Burj Al Arab at a distance- early morning shot
Burj Al Arab at a distance- early morning shot

First day of Dental-Facial Cosmetic Conference at Jumeirah Beach hotel and of course, looking at the ceiling is my way to get a snap shot of anything that catches my eye 🙂

After a day of workshop, time to unwind and what else to do?

Dinner date with Chef Kevin at La Parilla- an Argentine American Restaurant at the 25th floor of Jumeirah Beach hotel with live band and Argentine dancing.

While waiting for our food we got the chance to see the spectacular skyline view of Dubai. The terrace location was excellent !

Dubai skyline
Dubai skyline
Burj Al Arab At night
Burj Al Arab

and finally dinner is serve!

With a live band playing Argentine music, how I wish ..I practice my dance move so I can beg and pull my son to dance with me 🙂 … in my dreams.

Oh! If he was feeling well and in the mood,… I might be lucky!

nope!..I ‘m not rolling my eyes! neither you! I guess 🙂

2014-11-14 at 00-23-11

2014-11-14 at 00-58-38

2014-11-14 at 00-41-05

Ladies, If ever you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to visit this place!




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