Baboons of Al Hada TAif in black and white

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Nope! this is not a zoo, these are baboons at Al Hada, Taif of Saudi Arabia. Though there are many tourist attracted to these sight, a lot of locals complained about its existence because they destroys farms,trees and sometimes attack people when the food are scars, they are like scavengers,feeding themselves from the garbage or rely on the foods given mostly by the tourist around the city.

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I am so scared to go down from the car but the clinging baby baboon got my attention! I took the shots through the window car 🙂

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2015-01-09 at 18-01-03This is how close people get into the baboons!

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This one caught my attention really hard, I realised the baby baboon has no life, it doesn’t move! And the mother won’t let go! how sad 🙁

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2015-01-09 at 17-52-02 (1)

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2 thoughts on “Baboons of Al Hada TAif in black and white”

  1. You’ve made a very nice photo essay.
    I would not get as close to those Baboons as the people in your photo. They are so strong and wild. The mother with the dead baby is indeed sad.

    1. yes, I was so scared they were so brave, I stayed inside the car and just took the photo as they came nearer or on top of the car.

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