Just give me this day!


how do I begin? the story of my rant..oh yeah, just give me this day! I usually forbids myself not to rant in writing but today is the day I like to ..

the moment I reached home today from walking 2 miles, not to mentioned carrying two heavy bags (lap top and personal ),I hurriedly open my notes and started writing what’s in my mind..before I blew myself up (of course! I’m exaggerating). Anyhow, this week at work was not different from last week, we were so busy, my appointments were fully booked. Am I complaining? of course not, no matter how difficult the task, no matter how difficult the case maybe or how difficult to manage the patient or the staff, I always reached the optimum result and I find satisfaction at the end. Nevertheless, I am not a super woman, yes I am passionate about my work, Dentistry in particular but being the Manager as well, at times it just hit me, what am I doing to myself?

Am I getting old? I know, Age has nothing to do with it! really? what about the aching body, heels pain, back pain, fingers numbing? named it, count it..and you can include your toes too! arms in limbo and eyes rolling ūüėČ

And so, I came home late from hard days work, about to take a nap when I received a call that I have to go back to work and I did!¬†after a while¬†he asked me¬†to do some task (not dentistry but secretarial stuff) I really don’t mind, I was working for him 27 years and he had help me a lot so I am just returning the favour. Enter another consultant (dummy owner) been bugging me to call technical support for company’s tax payment, I complied but hey! I took Dentistry not to meddle with mathematics (huh! that’s my Waterloo). Anyhow, alright cool down, I still have two college students, (I need my job.. got to do it)! I have patient’s in between, I haven’t had a break yet and paper works on the side? So I asked my staff to help me out, deadline Saturday!

Smile and the world will smile at you!DSC_5398mi

And finally, work done! started walking and I just realised I forgot my wallet (or no money to say the least) exaggerating again? nope! I only have ten riyals in my pocket and no taxi driver wanted to accept it.. what? they claimed ten riyals is not worth waiting in the traffic jam.Lucky me!

Some drivers were too polite to stop when they think I will cross the street but others were just so rude (honking) and impatient (rushing as if no pedestrian on the street ). Alright calm down (talking to myself), walking is good for the heart, oh yeah try it! wearing abaya (a black long dress required for ladies when in public) oh! well, the lap top bag looks like I am doing  weight lifting (dumbbells hello).

It was a long wait before I was able to cross the main road, while waiting, I noticed I was the only lady walking with two heavy hand bags on my hand. Two old men wearing nice suits, on my right and two middle-aged men wearing old shirt and jeans on my left and in front of me, was a young man in his thirties (maybe).

my thoughts..

hurray for this men, working hard for their families..

middle-aged woman walking alone..

age 55..working hard..

old woman family provider from day one..

mom be careful when you cross the street..you still have two sons waiting for you..

woman you’re not the only one.. a lot of OFW are working hard for their family..

a lot of irresponsible men out there..

selfish men..

to err is human or to err is woman..

huh! hmm.. (lip biting)

you’re not alone!

life goes on.. waiting for my day and I know sooner or later it will come..

So, thank you for giving me this day!



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