Not all Honey are created Equal!


In search of friends and I decided to visit old town Jeddah once again 🙂  We went early afternoon only to find out the place was packed with cars and people, it was hard to find a parking place. We have to move around twice before we discovered an old parking building. On top of the building we can see the “Bab Mecca”  (Makkah Gate) and an old cemetery. creepy.. but not really, there was a lot of shoppers around the vicinity.

at the top of parking building
at the top of parking building
bab mecca (makkah gate)
bab mecca (makkah gate)
an old cemetery
an old cemetery
friday afternoon
friday afternoon

Honey shops are all connected or next to each other, I wonder if everything they sell are real Honey. I was in disbelief when I saw all these containers, asking myself, are the Honey really pure? real? organic? The seller said mostly of the Honey are imported from Yemen, Afghanistan to Pakistan  but some are locally made in Saudi Arabia.

2015-02-20 at 22-42-11

2015-02-20 at 22-44-05

2015-02-20 at 23-05-19

name of the shop - Al Muharam
name of the shop – Al Muharram
the ceilings looks like honeycomb :-)
the ceilings looks like honeycomb 🙂

We tasted each one, how I wish I can really understand what he is saying, but from what I understood, there are many kinds of honey, the best and most expensive are Honey coming from Yemen.

made in Yemen
made in Yemen

2015-02-20 at 22-54-49

this honey is good for Diabetes
this honey is good for Diabetes

The taste and colours of Honey differs from each kind depending on what flowers visited by the bees.So, you see not all Honey are equal 🙂 I kept on tasting each one, trying hard to differentiate, as if I was having a liquid caramel on my palate or at times, it taste like medicine. Huh! this is fun 🙂 If you need to research more try this site

warm water wit a tbsp of Honey and lemon juice
warm water with a tbsp of Honey and lemon juice

Ladies, I heard a lot of stories about losing weight with the help of Honey-lemon cleansing tonic. I like to try it, this is why I got interested to find a real honey.It says, with an empty stomach before breakfast drink a glass of warm water with  a tbsp of Honey and squeeze of lemon juice. With its anti oxidant and antibacterial property, Honey improves digestive system and helps to boots immunity system. It also soothes sore throat, because of the slight acidic pH level, it helps prevent the growth of bacteria. And if at night, you have trouble sleeping, a glass of hot milk with one teaspoon of Honey will help induce sleep.

each cost Sr50
each cost Sr 50 (USD 13)

How do you know a real Honey from an adulterated Honey anyway? Searching my friend google ,I gathered:

– pure Honey won’t solidify, meaning even if you put it in Freezer, it will stay liquid, hmm alright, let me try ..the result is..

it hardened but still  I can see the clarity
it hardened but still I can see the clarity

– pure honey does not immediately dissolve in water.. let’s us try once more 🙂 Oh yeah it took awhile before it mixes with water.

2015-02-22 at 12-58-14

2015-02-22 at 12-58-51

Hmm so far so good 🙂

– pure honey when you put it in white paper, it doesn’t absorbed or leave a blot.


– pure honey, no ants hover around it..well, I guess the ants favours the taste of processed sugar than pure Honey, well, did I try this? yes! the ants stayed away from it. believe it or not 🙂

Well, this is only a test that I made at home to know if the Honey I got is pure! I am not really an expert on this matter. But to tell you the truth, I love the taste of the Honey I got! Next time, I’ll just go to the same seller.


Does he sells only Honey? Nope, I saw Honey with nuts too, honey in honey comb and even organic soap. Oh! This organic soap is made from the Philippines, hurrah!

2015-02-20 at 22-57-48

2015-02-20 at 22-57-41

2015-02-20 at 22-45-39

2015-02-20 at 22-49-41

2015-02-20 at 22-50-00

2015-02-20 at 22-44-33

made in Philippines
made in Philippines

2015-02-20 at 22-48-07After we drained ourselves with different kind of Honey , we decided to buy few of each kind in little cute containers. I wonder why they don’t repack it in a more sterile way? or it is better this way,so it looks more natural?

In the middle of the Honey shops, there are shops that sells colourful dresses, it was fun and fancy to roam around but at the same time, we also want to get out as fast as we can before the crowds swell!

Till next time ladies!




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      1. I get local honey as it’s made from pollen gathered nearby. The closest hive is at the end of my garden as a neighbour keeps bees to produce honey.
        The difference in flavours is vast all dependant on what pollen the bees find of course. Heather seems to be a favourite of mine.

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