Where is the bike lane?

When laziness comes there’s no excuses for a bulging tummy 🙂 yay! So I pushed myself to get up early morning to do stretching and hopefully get my butt into my routine exercise, not even my gold gym membership helps! no motivation? or just plain laziness? Call it whatever you like but there’s something that got my attention lately.

The  bike rental station in Al Rawdha walkway

Flex bike
Flex bike

I googled the website http://jeddah.flexxbike.com/faqs.html

It is a solar-powered station where one can rent the bike, it says one hour is free and the succeeding per hour is 10 SR.

There will be four stations and the bike can be returned to any stations.


It seems a great idea to pump one’s body into active mood but I wonder where is the bike lane? The walkway is full of walkers and joggers enthusiast, to have bikers on the same place would be a menace if not disastrous.If you live in Jeddah for many years, you know what I am talking about.


I went out early for a walk and few people were also getting ready for morning exercise 🙂 Oh yes! Ladies are fully covered with abaya while walking. The walkway is the safest place for a lady to walk alone and hoping no bikers will be allowed in the area.

There’s even a box of cold water , no seller around ,just a small money box..if your honest you can slip in a riyal for a bottle 🙂 and tissue box for free!

Sad thing, there are people who can’t be bothered to throw their empty bottles into the trash can (there are thrash can everywhere) all you have to do is walk to the bin ! (you’re here anyway for that purpose) WALK!

So now,you know what i am talking about..we need DISCIPLINE..AWARENESS..RESPONSIBILITY!

I hope the bikers, will find their lane ..although as of this writing I haven’t seen a biker yet 🙂 thanks goodness!

Ladies, let me know if you find the bikers lane 🙂



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    1. Oh yes, I came early and I also avoided taking pictures where the early riser (like me) walks. Just being extra careful 🙂

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