There’s no Santa this year!

Being a OFW (Overseas Filipino worker) we look forward to go home to Philippines every December to celebrate Christmas with our love ones, but there are few circumstances we can not.. for various reasons such as, company disapproved the leave,financially uptight etc. So for those, who are celebrating Christmas in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah in particular, we tried to gather every friends to be with us , decorated our home with Christmas tree and tried to make the atmosphere and food like Christmas. Oh how I miss the real Christmas celebration with family.

For the last two years, we had Santa made in China from Lebanon.  this year , it’s different! There’s no Santa and no food on the table.

Yes, Santa is nowhere to be found 🙂 we decided to celebrate our Christmas eve at Sheraton Hotel. And of course, before we dine, we had some photo shoots at home (we anticipated we can not remove our abaya covering) and some few shots at the lobby of the hotel.




It’s a Seafood buffet at Sheraton Hotel, Jeddah KSA.. forget the Cholesterol and Uric acid.. here comes the Christmas celebration 🙂

After the sumptuous dinner, we strolled along Boulevard and enjoyed the ambience and the breezy air of the night. Oh! We miss going back home..the boneless lechon,puto bongbong, pancit palabok etc. well, we miss our family too! not only the food 🙂

For all expatriates here in Saudi Arabia, especially for those who set aside their own personal happiness in leu of Holiday festivities because of economic reasons to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities.. I salute you! Cheers for all the sacrifices you made and will still be making. You are not alone!

Have  a Merry Christmas and A prosperous New Year!




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