Su:ra- Korean Fine Dining, Jeddah KSA – a review


This restaurant opened four months ago in AL Rhawda square and I heard a good review about it, so I was excited and curious to know what it has to offer.


I thought the name “sura” was related to arabic word meaning “fast” but I was wrong..of course! it’s Korean lol! why would they name the restaurant with arabic name? 🙂

The restaurant has a unique design, for the family section you can choose to sit in a traditional Korean table or a regular restaurant table.


We were asked to remove our shoes before getting into Chabudai table (I thought only Japanese used this?),ladies..beware..the stones under the tables are cold, it is better to wear stockings or socks.

I am not so familiar with Korean cuisine, I only knew about barbecue and my Chef Kevin’s favourite side dish, Kimchi! And so we decided to order the Su:ra full course “SOO” and  “HEE“, It’s probably about HE and SHE 🙂 full course. The course cost 200-250SR per person ,drinks not included. And while waiting, root tea and apple chips were served.


The first course on the set is Porridge and vegetable salad. Nothing special, just simple to taste.


Gujeolpan – platter of nine delicacies( doesn’t look like in their menu photo). The waiter told us, the two sets were combined. Huh! the picture in the menu is always appetizing and a lot more!  The small white thin wrap taste like radish, I wonder ..oh what a big round radish it is! I like the sauce and the taste somewhat tangy and sweet combination.

Soegogi Chapssal-Mari – beef roll with glutinous rice. too small for a company of three 🙂


Mun-eo Samsap – parboiled Octopus and steamed beef slice serve with seasoned radish


Samsaek Jeon-Yu-Hwa pan-fried delicacies. it’s a combination of zucchini,egg,kimchi and crabmeat. I like the sauce better than the delicacies!


Jangeo Gui -grilled Eel

Sura Tangsu – deep fried mushroom and beef with sweet and sour sauce. I love the mushroom, so delicious!


Soegogi  Japchae – stir -fried Glass Noodle with beef and vegetable. This is sweet noodle for me. I love the Mi-Goring of Indonesia better 🙂


Sura Galbi jjim – braised beef short ribs


Sura Hwa Bulgogi -charcoal fire grilled Bulgogi


oh yes, there’s a stone underneath the beef.

Soup with 5 side dishes.


and we ordered an extra soup with 5 dishes, just for comparison. I didn’t like any one of them.


The dessert with raspberry drink.


In the menu, there should be sherbet included with the course, but we didn’t bothered to ask why it was not serve. I would say the experience is definitely different , the place is clean and cool but my palate was not so pleased with the menu. I think the price is a bit expensive too. Would I come back? Maybe, if my friends would love to try the restaurant but most probably I would advise to order A la Carte, instead of the full course.Though the portion is good for dieters , the Eel and the beef is so fatty for my taste. I certainly would love to try the hot pot and barbecue just to have the experience 🙂 And who knows? maybe this time, I will like it.



The restaurant opens on Friday at 2pm. It is located at AR Rhawda square,Al Rhawdah Dist, Jeddah KSA.


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  1. I’m not into Korean foods that much. I love their broth/soup.
    The serving looks small. But hopefully the people here will love the restaurant. 🙂

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