Ocean Basket in Jeddah – a review


EATING is one of the common denominator we have in our group of friends. We enjoyed walking and at the same time we also enjoyed eating. Which one is more enjoyable? hmmm…I guess it’s the company that counts rather than the activities 🙂

We celebrated my friends’ 59th birthday at Ocean Basket in Khaledeyyah Business Centre at Sultan Street Jeddah. I thought it was a Chinese restaurant but after searching it from the web, I learned it’s a South African chain famous for fish and chips. We got interested and tried it last night.

The place is cozy in a relaxed atmosphere. The staffs are mostly Filipinos and very friendly.IMG_4683

Starter dish, oh I forgot to get the price list anyhow..this is good news, if you have Qitaff points from STC, this restaurant accepts and we were able to get a discount of SR 148.00. What a treat!


Main dishes …a seafood platter, a choice of either fried or grilled. Yummy and fresh! We love it!

side dishes sushi and sashimi

Of course, they entertained us with birthday lava cake with the singing waiters at the background 🙂 …What a great way to celebrate!

after dinner, we went to have coffee and ice cream, I told you so ..WE LOVE TO EAT 🙂

Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂





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