Nobu Hotel-City of dreams or nightmares?


I went for a very short trip to Philippines to visit my family. Aboard Malaysian airlines, I opted to travel on Business Class, 9 hours from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpor and another 3 hrs to Manila and an hour and 20 minutes to the island of Catanduanes.

My friends were skeptic about choosing Malaysian Airlines 🙂  remember the missing plane? well, I told them, it’s great! my family won’t be spending money to my funeral instead they will received a compensation for my disappearance! Kidding aside, the flight was smooth and on time!

the chair

The meal

And so, to make the story a bit shorter, I also choose a new and rated five-star hotel named City of Dreams – Nobu hotel, located near NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). I booked for two adults, hoping my mom would come with me but she didn’t. At checked in I was told that the deal I got in was a honeymoon suite with free breakfast for two and a beautiful view of the pool. Hence, I am leaving early morning, the front desk officer asked.

Would you like to take a packed breakfast instead?

Yes, that would be great! but only for one (hence I’m the only one who would travel)

The room… two bed,two glasses,two slippers, two robes everything is for two! I was curious about the Casino, I was surprised , it’s full of gamers huh? What happened to poverty in Philippines? well, I answered my own question, this is only a small part of the population, the big picture is not here.

City of dreams has two more annexed hotel,namely “Crown ” and Hyatt”. It has also a luxurious brand shopping mall and an entertainment place for kids .

It also houses the famous Nobu restaurant. I had a chance to dine at Nobu Restaurant in Dubai, UAE and I enjoyed the seven course meal. But to my dismay, the breakfast buffet at Nobu restaurant in City of dreams was far from I experienced in a five-star hotels.

My view


The nightmare…

I was not feeling well but I slept good on my first night. As I opened the curtain the following morning, I was shocked! A maintenance man was putting all his gadget right in front of my window…OMG! I hurriedly closed the curtain, it’s good, I was dressed properly.

I took this shot, after I recovered from the shock and I told myself, I need to speak to the duty manager of the day. I should have been notified about the maintenance.



I was suffering form Laryngitis so my voice was nil  and yet I managed to relate my complaint to the duty manager and she readily apologised for the inconvenience. She sent a peace-offering to relieved the loss of my voice and hoping my annoyance will disappear


The same morning I invited my high school friend to have breakfast with me and another confusion came. I was told I only have one complimentary breakfast. What? (rolling my eyes as there was no voice coming out from my mouth).

Again, I asked for a duty manager , This is ridiculous !My room reservation is for two adults and I have two complimentary breakfast upon check in. how come I only have one? They are lucky I loss my voice otherwise , I will be fuming with words…

Anyhow, this is my city of nightmare, I was not satisfied with my stay and I will not think of coming back again.

Nope, Thank you!




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  1. That is good to know. It’s not always better to stay with luxurious hotel it depends on the service. We have been to Dreamplay and my child was so happy 🙂 it is good to have this type of themepark inside.

    1. agree! not bec its 5 star there will be no mishap. it happens everywhere, its just annoying that the stay is not worth the money u paid.

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