Age 59: Posing tips for beauties beyond fifty (aka: older women)

” beauty has so many forms. and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself”


How old are you?

I was asked many times and every time there’s oh..?? you’re kidding!

Even my millennial patients would rush and look at my license certificate on the wall and read my birth year😊


yes! There’s no secret and I think I look natural at my age. Hmmm..what natural? for myself? or what society dictates? depends on my mood , I guess 🙂

You see, when you don’t exert effort on how to look young, it mirrors on your photo.



You don’t have to look like when you’re on your 30’s! You just have to look like a better version of it when you’re fifty and beyond😊


Eye bags

Well, as we grow older, our eye bags got deeper, you don’t need a filler or bleph , just wear you’re eyeglasses and pronto! eye bag is gone!


it’s a trial and error how to get the best eyebrow that really looks natural on your age. It took me awhile to master how I want it to be. I think having tattoo will look you more older.


find your angle look😊 when someone wants to take your photo.

practice.. practice..

look at the mirror which is your best side.. right? or left?and practice smiling. It really makes a difference. You can also turn your shoulder at 45 degrees angle but don’t tilt your head, instead bring your ears to the front to minimize double chin . Position the tip of your tongue at the back of your teeth and SMILE!

Ladies, at our age, I think the best is to smile confidently and I am hundred percent sure , you will look younger.

Here are some sample of ladies who smile beautifully without editing or using filter.

Remember, we all have our time of beauty at a different stages of life so embrace it whether you are fifty or beyond.

Keep smiling 🙂



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My lady no.8- Marietta de Castro

Have you fall in love with the same person who you haven’t seen for many years?

Have you found the one that get away and re-connected?

It was a mixed emotion of love, excitement and hoping… What if?

It’s been awhile I did not feature any lady beyond fifty aka beauty beyond fifty. Hence, it’s a month of love, I would like to share a glimpsed of love story of my lady no.8, Marietta de Castro – Mayette ,as we fondly call her.. is my high school classmate and best friend way back in 70’s. I know in your head, your counting our age hahahaha! To spare your mind thinking, She is 58 years old.


Mayette is one of our top ten students in High school.Like everyone else, after HS grad, each one went on separate ways, though we were able to connect at one time when we were in College, that was my first and last time I saw her with her then boyfriend Paul.

Fast forward, I saw her again after four years, me as a registered nurse but recently enrolled in UE college of Dentistry and OMG! She was pregnant!Her first born was my first godson but I never had a chance to really re-connect. I got pre-occupied with my studies and she as a young mom. And guess what? I got married too and went abroad. We got reconnected at our HS reunion. So the next thing we knew, I am working as a Dentist with two sons and she, as a business lady with 3 children! Wow!

Guess what? I saw her again after so many years, children were all grown up, my first godson died, she recently separated from her husband and my marriage was also on the rocks. What a coincidence! Though our living condition is different, our path seems to cross every four years with such drama that we re-connect as if we just saw each other yesterday.

So here’s the interesting love story of 2018, Paul her college boyfriend, went to USA and remained single all these years. Last year, they re-connected through Facebook and what comes next is a wonderful sparks that was put on hold and re-opened.


Though Mayette has been separated and her marriage was not registered and did not co-exist, in Philippines, once you are married and not annulled, you are still considered married. (rolling my eyes up and away) hypocrisy isn’t it?

However, fate as its own way, her then husband died of cancer and so mayette is now legally single – widowed.

I know, your guess is right! Paul came to Philippines and got engaged with our lady in red, Mayette. 🙂 wow!


I will save the love story in the next chapter..

For now, I like to make a toast for you Mayette, may this be the beginning of your happy journey and I know what ever obstacle you may encounter will just be an icing on the cake for you, having suffered so many mishap, this journey will be bounded and guarded with love. My best wishes to you and Paul.

Happy Valentines day!



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My Lady no. 7 – Sophie Defensor- Victoria

so3aI lost two kilo in ten days and when my best friend came for a short holiday, I regained it in two days hahaha. That’s how we bond! We find happiness in food! Who cares we’re the beauties beyond fifties 🙂

My lucky lady at no 7 is a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) graduate of University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, born September 18, 1962.

Wow blooming at 53!


She lives in London, UK . She comes to Jeddah, every six months to visit her husband and her friends, she has only one very handsome son, who is currently studying Chemical Engineering in UK.

Sophie is a very devoted mother, her dreams revolves around her only son..

Do you have any other dream for yourself?

– of course I do! I like to travel around the world.

You travel a lot! isn’t it? how long you’ve worked as expatriates?

– I’ve been in Jeddah for 26 yrs, I travelled around the world but it’s like a working holiday. I would like to explore the world without thinking about work. I have worked hard and I would like to retire while I still have energy and can enjoy the scenery.

What is your motto in life?

“Dream big, work hard. Stay focused and surround yourself with good friends “


My friend Sophie is a very energetic woman, she exudes a happy-go-lucky attitude but beware when she is not in the mood, her tongue is like a sword that cut deep 🙂

We didn’t have enough time to do all the chitchat, I still have to go back to work after we did the impronto photo shoot. Hopefully , I will do another photo shoot when I have the chance to visit her in London.



My Lady no.6 : Nanay Aurea


Lopezena Fernando De Castro – age 65 years old.

Long name 🙂 we fondly call her “Nanay Aurea” , a mother of four and one of her daughter is my friend. The first time I met her was three months ago.., time passes by quickly and on Tuesday she will be going back to Philippines.

Me: Nanay Aurea How do you like your stay in Jeddah?

Nanay Aurea: (masaya naman pero nakakalungkot din, lahat sila nasa trabaho at school, nasanay akong kasama palagi ang aking asawa. Napakahirap mag -isa).  happy but sad at the same time. It is hard to be alone. 

Nanay Aurea husband had passed away recently (less than a year).

(Hindi ko akalain naganito pala rito sa Jeddah, maganda at tahimik naman)I didn’t expect Jeddah is a nice and quiet City.

She told me, she is worried about her daughter condition in Saudi Arabia but now she have seen Jeddah, her mind will be at peace for a while.

Nanay Aurea is a retired teacher and a dancer. She loves to teach her students and pushed them hard to attained perfection in their dancing stint. She has a charming smile and boast that if it wasn’t for her beauty and charm, her daughter will not look beautiful.

Kung ano ang puno iyun din ang bunga! 🙂 Trees bear the same fruit hahaha is this the right translation? I guess so! A coconut tree won’t bear a mango fruit! 🙂 right?


That goes to my mom too! Like mother like daughter, though I also would like to look like my handsome papa 🙂


Nanay Aurea is a well travelled lady too. She said ” Kahit pala walang pera may nararating din” Though I don’t have money I was able to travel. She has been to Europe and now Middle East, hopefully she can also go to USA ! One of her daughter is in Germany and she also has relatives in USA.

That I may quote..”Kung anu ang tinanim siya rin ang bunga” in short, Good deeds begets good deeds 🙂

I asked her, what advice she can give to us?

Save for the future, oh Nanay Aurea, you’re my idol, you can travel anywhere without spending any centavo, so why should I save? hahahaha joke!

2015-04-03 at 13-49-20

Certainly! For young people , SAVE is the key word, no matter how great your situation at the moment, no matter how healthy you are, we will never know what the future will bring. If you save a little while enjoying the moment, when the hard times comes, you won’t be begging for others’help.

Nanay Aurea, thank you for the moment, though it was a short visit it was worth every penny 🙂 worth every moment,I miss my parents, your short visit filled up the missing puzzle in our life as an overseas worker.


Thank you Nanay Aurea and Happy trip!




My funny lady rocking @55..What is her secret of looking young?


My best friend Malou just turned 55 and she is still full of energy. What is the secret?According to her, just enjoy life and let the problem take care of itself, oh well that was not exactly her words but if you are with her, positivity is electrifying.

looking great at 55
looking great at 55

I guess, it is how you deal with your problem that counts. I don’t know anyone who has no problem in life but we all have different style of looking at it and perhaps a different way of taking it in.But for sure, I know the words that makes her smile often…that makes her feel young and certainly looks younger than her age.

” you’re beautiful ”

” I miss you ”

” I love you ”

” The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate and who she becomes “- unknown quote

malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!
malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!

Alright my friend,my only wish for you is GOOD HEALTH, I heard you are resting as in ” flat on bed” because of 2 days partying 🙂


My lady Gym Instructor: Mauricia T. Garcia

Six years in Gold Gym (Jeddah branch) ohhhh don’t get me that look, yes, I haven’t got any muscles yet but at least I maintained my body built, not too fat and not too skinny. I would say, at age 53, I’m still on a medium scale and in excellent health. My usual workout routine was to go to gym three times a week , the place is about 30 minutes car ride from my clinic.reemgym-4a

When my son went to college, I decided to transferred to another gym (E-spa) five minutes walk from our clinic, so i have the chance to go everyday, and this is where i met Reem ,as everyone fondly called her, my lady fitness instructor. Her real name is : MAURICIA T. GARCIA.46 yrs of age from Alcala, Pangasinan, Philippines.reemgym-3a

She recently came back from holiday when i did the interview and photo shoots. As anyone (including me, with my two hands up!) an additional fats goes with the holiday 🙂

Tell us about your life in Saudi Arabia, how it differs back home?

The first time I came to KSA, I was so surprised about the way of life here until such time that I adjusted myself to it. There’s a communication barrier because of Language differences.

How did you manage the differences?

I enrolled in the Islamic center just to learn how to speak, write and read Arabic. And with the help of Dictionary , I slowly learned it and helps me a lot in my work especially in swimming lesson.

How many years you been working in the gym?

I started working way back 1996, quite a long years!reemgyma

Do you think you were fully prepared when you started?

Though, I have a bachelor degree in Education (BSE) and a certified teacher, nothing really prepares you when you are in a foreign country. My first employer was not really good and it hurt me badly but I took it as a challenge to learn and know them better.

With your 17 years experience, any advice for the future expats before they embark on their new life in Saudi Arabia?

First,you need to know the lifestyle, culture and traditions, secondly you should know your rights and privileges as an expat and thirdly, to be ready at all times if ever problems occur. You must have all the important documents and know where and to whom to run in case of emergency.

How about when in it comes to health fitness? any tips?

Balance is the key! well-balanced diet and balance exercise is a must. So as not to injure yourself, you should know what exercises your body needs. I gave classes according to what level my students are.reemgym-2a

Yes ladies! I agree with Reem, I have tried to get rid of the two kilos I gained from holiday to no avail. But let me tell you at age 53, i think I’m pretty much toned and firmed. Thank you for the daily dose of exercise routine she is giving me and diet???? Full diet of course, a lot of vegetables and fruits, no red meat (only on cheat day) and plenty of water.

So there you go, I am looking forward to video some of our work outs so we can share it to you also.!

E-spa is located along Thalia Rd. It has Gym, cafeteria,salon,and spa, all in one stop for you beautiful ladies!

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My Lady teacher: Priscila Arcilla de Leon

I have known my fourth lady for a long time but we really didn’t have any intimate conversation, until I called her for the photo shoots.I am glad that I did this interview and with the previous ladies and 46 more to come. I am grateful for the time we have shared our thoughts for a lot of topics ,only ladies can relate (hopefully, men do relate too).


My lady teacher is Priscila Arcilla De leon, born January 16, 1955 in Tondo, Manila. Married to her long time college sweetheart, Delfin de Leon blessed with four children, Derrick, Dondee, Danica and Danielle. (Note: all names start with letter “D”). Graduated from Philippine Normal University with a degree of BSEE-HE (Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education major in Home Economics) 1972.

For how long you’ve been teaching?

I’ve been teaching since I graduated from university, got married in 1979, I continued teaching even when I came to Jeddah year 1984.

What school in Jeddah?

I started with IPSJ (international Philippine School of Jeddah) teaching from grade 1 to Grade 6. Currently, I am teaching PE (physical Education) for girls from grade 1-4 in Al Wadi International School (British Curriculum).

Would you described briefly what is the difference between a multicultural foreign school as against to Philippine school? (on teacher point of view)

From my experiences (this is only my opinion) its behavioral differences
 more of attitude problem than academic differences. Filipino students are more polite, respectful and easy to manage.

How would you describe yourself as a teacher?

Disciplinarian! The first and foremost that I teach to my students is self-discipline.

What is your strength and weaknesses as a teacher?

Discipline is my strength and my weakness? I am easily distracted!

Well, I guess it’s also a practice at home. What about your children? Tell me more about them.

My two sons are already working, my daughter Danica recently graduated from Southville Int. School and Colleges with a degree of BS in Nursing. My youngest is in her 2nd year of BS in Tourism.

(At this point of interview, I felt she is getting emotional and overwhelmed by the facts).

It would be practically impossible for me to  describe her inner feelings as a parent of these children (adjectives
out of my mind) proud parents as they are, or should I say, a proud mom! She confided her difficulties while her husband was away working , She was left alone with her son, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy . On top of that, she still has to work to help augment their needs financially.

(Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term encompassing a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions that cause physical disability inhuman development, chiefly in the various areas of body movement.)

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the motor control centers of the developing brain and can occur during pregnancy, during childbirth or after birth up to about age three.

At the time of delivery, she was told , her baby did not cry and oxygen was given immediately. (I guess, there wasn’t enough oxygen to reached the brain).

When he was growing up, at three years old,she noticed, he can’t crawl or walk like any other child of his age, this prompted her to seek medical attention.

Did you stop working?

No, I didn’t, I have to help my husband, my son needs regular medical attention, and we practically stay more in the hospital than any other place. Then, we move to Jeddah, searched for another treatment. He had surgery in his leg so he can walk better. Continuous physical therapy was needed and done.Thanks God, he was alright. He grew up normally even played basketball.

As she continues to unlock her other sufferings (like many of us…financial, lack of extended family support, homesickness etc.) her tears rolls down, trying to control herself (and myself too) she gives me a smile and said, let’s move on to other aspect…Beauty”!

All right, tissue please! Whoa, what a moment, I admire her courage and perseverance.

“The best conversations with mothers always take place in silence, when only the heart speaks. “ ~Carrie Latet

Are there any beauty secrets that you can share? Any things that you can’t do without? What are the things that you love to shop and buy?

I don’t shop for myself, I think of my children first (mothers!)Oh well, SUNBLOCK 35SPF, even I am inside my home, we should protect our face from the lights in our house. I also use moisturizer every day under the sunblock cream. At night, I use egg white, so my skin feels tight and smooth.

It’s like egg white mask! There you go ladies, another secret unveiled!

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Acceptance and Faith: Carmelita Duya -Nalzaro

rib4.gif - 3.5 KFilipino Women are facing the higher risk of Breast Cancer in Southeast Asia.Some 6,360 breast cancer patients die each year in the country, making it the leading death among Filipino women (data from the Philippine Cancer Society as posted by Bulatlat)

What would you do if you are one of the women diagnosed with breast cancer? Would you want a treatment? or would you rather spend the money to travel around the  world and enjoy life from day to day basis?

Carmelita D.Nalzaro- 11 years breast cancer survivor stage 3

My third lovely lady is CARMELITA DUYA NALZARO,born March 10, 1958 in Baguio City, a graduate of ECE (Electronic and Communication Eng. 1985). Married to Engr. George Nalzaro blessed with 3 children (Jady,Christine and Gentry).

As i was putting make-up on her, I was in awe, I cant believe she is a cancer survivor! Her skin is so soft and clear, her persona is so gentle and yet I also felt her inner strength.Her happiness and peace in life is visible in her face.

Are you working?

Yes, for almost 11 years now. I am working as a Math teacher in IPSJ  ( International Philippines School of Jeddah)

How does it feel working out of your Engineering field?

I find it fulfilling, I love teaching more than being in my field.I took and passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) at the age of 47 years old.

What challenges do you face everyday in teaching?

" Teaching is my passion"

My challenge is for the student to love Math and not to hate the subject. I challenge myself to let the student understand the concept, to bring interest to the subject and get them focus.Teaching is my passion, I like the new challenge it brings everyday. For me, teaching is no longer my work, it becomes my playground of knowledge…a play I know that my students can participate,learn and at the same time enjoy.

Well said my lovely lady! Let’s talk about other challenges in your life, When and how your breast cancer was detected?

the discovery was accidental, George was doing massage of my arm, he was joking around… went a little bit further and suddenly he was surprised that there’s a hard mass ,we went directly to consult a physician and asked if she can do mammography. She was adamant that nothing was wrong and mammography was not needed. Months had passed and I noticed that it becoming more larger, we went to another doctor, mammography was done and I was diagnosed with carcinoma stage 3.

how did you and George took the news? What was your first reaction?

Why? why me?… we were advised to have another medical opinion, we went to another Doctor and Needle Biopsy was done. The first  diagnosis was confirmed: Invasive Carcinoma of the breast Stage III.

The Doctor was so plain and direct to the point,” You have cancer,we will remove it and you will survive” ! wow! this help me a lot because i did not see any worries in his face, that he was sure I will survive… God bless…I did survive!

How did you break the news to your family…to your children in particular?

Acceptance and Faith…George and I accepted the news knowing God will always be there for us, the children took it the same way and we all embraced the situation with open heart and mind.

Surgery,Chemotherapy (6 cycles) Radiotherapy (25 exposures) and a lot of prayers. I was bald … I was not bothered so i did not covered my head.

At that time, bald was in fashion, one lady taught that at my age      “nakikiuso pa rin ako” (at trend) she was apologetic when she knew I was under chemotherapy.

Other than your family, where do you get the inspiration?

Maritoni Fernandez said ” It’s like walking though fire…how do you get to the other side without burning your feet? You just have to take it one step at a time, and eventually, you’ll get through the flames.” She is an inspiration!

What is your  message to ladies who might be on same condition as you are?

for those women diagnosed with cancer specifically breast cancer wherein I’m a survivor for 11 years now, go back to your normal life after treatment but be sure to have a not less than 8- hours sleep daily, shy away from foods with high in fats and preservatives. Learn to relax to overcome stress. Always have a positive outlook in life and have a personal relationship with God.

Well, were not done yet..what about beauty secrets? what are the things that you cant do without?

spray net( hair spray) and toner! I do routine exercise such as Taebo, 30 minutes treadmill, lots of water

there you go Ladies, there’s life after cancer, there’s beauty beyond physical, there’s hope for everyone…have faith…Gods’ willing… We will all survive!

To answer the question: yes i would seek treatment, travel around the world and enjoy life!

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What you see is what you got! LyNne C. Villanueva

Sexy mom-Lynne C. Villanueva

Transparency is the distinctive qualities you will find with sexy mom LYNNE, born august 27, 1958 from Taal, Batangas. Married for thirty-five years to Rolly (Govs ) Villanueva and blessed with five children. At sweet sixteen she eloped with her hubby who is nine years older. A typical story of mom send a daughter to buy suka (vinegar), along the way was lost, night fell, terrified to come home and her prince charming came to rescue her and live happily ever after. Bow! woot

But that was only the beginning of a love story that surpasses the time…She was only eighteen when she had her first baby girl born, no wonder Lynne still looks like an elder sister to her only daughter who is equally stunning in beauty. Three children were born in Philippines and two in Jeddah.

How was it, being married at an early age?

FREEDOM! I came from a very conservative family, imagine those days when you are all guarded. (home-school-church-home) Being married is my ticket to freedom; Rolly was twenty-five then, intelligent and responsible man. I have difficulties but because I have a lot of family support, they made it a bit easy for me.

What about school? Did you go to college?

Yes, I am a graduate of BS mathematics (UE), in between my pregnancy, I tried to focus, a lot of struggles but I was determine to graduate and I did it.

Well done! There’s no regret then?

Oh no! I just wished I married later (of course with the same man) I really wanted to be a Lawyer,but with five children? I cannot.

In what year did you come to Jeddah?

I started visiting Jeddah from 1984 to 1986 and we decided to stay on from 1988 until the present.

lovely @53

What is the best thing in Jeddah?

Family bonding! We have plenty of time to be together.

You live in a nice compound (Arabian homes) did you work?

Yes, I only work in the morning (4hrs.) but it’s been one and half-year now that I am not working.

Do you feel bored? What is your past time? Majhong? Tong-its? Ha ha ha ha ha

My day is not enough, I have insomnia, I watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, I clean, cook, wash, have time with the family, I need more than twenty-four hours.

How do you describe yourself?

I am what I am; its either I am happy or sad and angry. What you see is what you got. I am not the kind of person who will make the first move to be your friend… Taray! (Snub)

What is the saddest thing that ever happened?

When my son died seven years ago I still didn’t recover. Until now I still feel his absence.

What do you do to relieve your sadness?

I am just quiet, I have only two emotions, either I am happy or sad.

I felt her mood was changing so I shifted the conversation to a more lovely question.

How do you manage to stay as thin and sexy as you are? Any beauty secrets?

Nothing really, I am contented of what I have, of what I am. The only routine I always do is fifteen minutes exercise every morning.

What are the things that changed when you turned fifty?,

I think its how I dress up. I felt I am more conservative now .

(again◊, Mr Nabil is present during the interview and this is his comment: well, when you reached fifty and beyond, your body had undergone a lot of changes, you are more exposed to the sun, your skin become darker and wrinkled, you put on weight, that’s why a lot of women beyond fifty changed their style to cover things that they are shy to show) do you agree?

Oh well, maybe..what about madame Malou? She is still the same?? No change, she is even more daring!

.:-) and Lynn has a nice body at age 53, she doesn’t have to hide anything…correct!

How about in marriage?  You are a very young bride and yet you manage to keep your marriage, is it you or Rolly that keeps the marriage going?

I think its our partnership that works, he is a good provider, when it comes to home, I am the “boss”, I make the decision but every decision i made, I always informed him..Honesty is the best policy..that is my principle in life.

Do yo inform him before or after?

Of course before and after! I think to have a good communication is one of the important aspect in marriage. Specially when it comes to financial matter because he is the only one working, its hard-earned money but most of the time, he really doesn’t mind, I just informed him of my decision. (oh well! it seems, the final say is with Lynne; peace govs! lol)

What are you looking forward beyond fifty?

Photos by Edge: assisted by Kevs S/Kevs V:make up by mmSuarez

to age gracefully! and continue to dress up properly, I can not leave the house without dressing up even with abaya, I still have to dress up. People look at you the way you dress.

even at night? in going to bed?

Yes! always at your best, dress should  always be proper to where you are.

that’s a good tips ladies! To age gracefully… dress appropriately..

ok pack up,,shooting done lets eat! what??? the dish is empty? bake macaroni disappear! hmmm for sure Master Edge and his assistant Kk with the help of Walid dished it out!

What you bake is what they ate ha ha ha ha thanks for the bake macaroni Lynne..super yummy!

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My FuNnY LADY: Malou Aricheta Alji

♄Born 1958 from Cagayan is my Lady number one♄♄♄.

malou alji

When I asked malou for an interview and photo shoot, without a blink of an eye she said YES!
That’s the lady I knew fifteen years ago, no frills, self-confident, full of energy, very friendly (a sure landslide winner if she is in politics) her candid frankness will surely make the crowd or two burst into laughter. And yet at times, her friendliness gets her into trouble in which she just shrugs it off.
She is a registered nurse by profession and a “certified domestic diva” for many years now. She met her Lebanese husband Nabil while working at the same hospital. Married for twenty-one years and blessed with three children.

Her eldest son, Shady graduated recently – Industrial Engineering in UST, another boast of their blissful life. Hep! Hep! Hep! Hurray! Or should I write woot.. woot
As my dear photographer Edge and his assistants Kk (kev S and Kev V.) getting ready for the shoot, I took out nuts and ice cream for her lovable husband to keep him busy..yay! what I mean, be comfortable without “S”! ( S as in “sumpong” -tantrums) in fairness, he is very supportive to her and to me:-)


In one word can you describe yourself?
young at heart

Is that your secret of being youthful?
Yey! I visualized myself outside, I like to smile, I feel I must be desirable in and out. (if you know her, you will know her eyes are twinkling side view ,fingers swinging, hips swaying)
Are you scared of aging?
Of course! Aging for me is like
as if the earth will stand you ended your fruitful life.

( ha ha ha bulok na!..rotten!)

what advise can you give to ladies like your age?

– Remove stress! If there’s a problem take it easy..Smile and the world will smile at you..cry and you will cry alone..

How do you relieve stress?

Singing, dancing, exercise, chatting

what is your philosophy in life?


– stand firm and always fight for your right! (at this time, Nabil is getting too attentive to the topic and wants to interject his opinion, we allow him at sometime but this is ladies talk..sorry guys!)

What is the best thing that happened to your life?

– when i got married , a new life had begun and I continued to evolve, continued to dream

How is it being married to a foreigner?

– difficult because we came from different culture, since I came to Jeddah as single and had enjoyed my life, I came to balance things. The first thing I learned when I got married is to cook . My husband said, If you don’t know how to cook, how can you feed your child? (I agree)

( Oh yeah! l love wara e’nab and molokeyyah)

Did you plan to marry foreigner?

– No! i have so many BF (boy friends and admirers etc) and I am proud of it, they are the trophies of my Ego. (Nabil smiling, i guess he is proud that malou choose him among her many admirers)

You only have one daughter, will you allow her to marry a foreigner? what advise would you give her in terms of  relationship?

– she can marry the man she likes but I wish that she can find a man who will truly love her more than she loves him. And to have a career of her own.

Why? Have you wish you didn’t stop working?

– Yes, I like to be a working mother, to have a career but I am thankful of everything, I have very supportive husband, three good children, I am thanking God everyday!

What do you want to be remembered? your legacy?

– I want them to remember that I help a lot of people getting their diploma, an education, a gift that no one can take away from them.

To end, What advise can you  give to Ladies beyond fifty?

– Acceptance! whatever decision you made in the past, don’t regret..move forward for life is too short, make the most of it ..Enjoy!

Yes! bon appetit..nuts and ice cream all gone… additional kilo..who cares? We love it!!!!

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