My lady Gym Instructor: Mauricia T. Garcia

Six years in Gold Gym (Jeddah branch) ohhhh don’t get me that look, yes, I haven’t got any muscles yet but at least I maintained my body built, not too fat and not too skinny. I would say, at age 53, I’m still on a medium scale and in excellent health. My usual workout routine was to go to gym three times a week , the place is about 30 minutes car ride from my clinic.reemgym-4a

When my son went to college, I decided to transferred to another gym (E-spa) five minutes walk from our clinic, so i have the chance to go everyday, and this is where i met Reem ,as everyone fondly called her, my lady fitness instructor. Her real name is : MAURICIA T. GARCIA.46 yrs of age from Alcala, Pangasinan, Philippines.reemgym-3a

She recently came back from holiday when i did the interview and photo shoots. As anyone (including me, with my two hands up!) an additional fats goes with the holiday 🙂

Tell us about your life in Saudi Arabia, how it differs back home?

The first time I came to KSA, I was so surprised about the way of life here until such time that I adjusted myself to it. There’s a communication barrier because of Language differences.

How did you manage the differences?

I enrolled in the Islamic center just to learn how to speak, write and read Arabic. And with the help of Dictionary , I slowly learned it and helps me a lot in my work especially in swimming lesson.

How many years you been working in the gym?

I started working way back 1996, quite a long years!reemgyma

Do you think you were fully prepared when you started?

Though, I have a bachelor degree in Education (BSE) and a certified teacher, nothing really prepares you when you are in a foreign country. My first employer was not really good and it hurt me badly but I took it as a challenge to learn and know them better.

With your 17 years experience, any advice for the future expats before they embark on their new life in Saudi Arabia?

First,you need to know the lifestyle, culture and traditions, secondly you should know your rights and privileges as an expat and thirdly, to be ready at all times if ever problems occur. You must have all the important documents and know where and to whom to run in case of emergency.

How about when in it comes to health fitness? any tips?

Balance is the key! well-balanced diet and balance exercise is a must. So as not to injure yourself, you should know what exercises your body needs. I gave classes according to what level my students are.reemgym-2a

Yes ladies! I agree with Reem, I have tried to get rid of the two kilos I gained from holiday to no avail. But let me tell you at age 53, i think I’m pretty much toned and firmed. Thank you for the daily dose of exercise routine she is giving me and diet???? Full diet of course, a lot of vegetables and fruits, no red meat (only on cheat day) and plenty of water.

So there you go, I am looking forward to video some of our work outs so we can share it to you also.!

E-spa is located along Thalia Rd. It has Gym, cafeteria,salon,and spa, all in one stop for you beautiful ladies!

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    1. unfortunately E-spa closed 6 months ago, they open a new gym with a new name, I’ll let you know once I see the new place 🙂

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