My Tulip adventure at Skagit Valley

The most unforgettable experience of my USA trip (2013) –  having seen the magnificent acres of Tulip 60 miles north of Seattle, WA in Mt. Vernon. RoozenGaarde, one of the world’s largest growers of Tulips. I took hundreds of pictures and love to share some of them.I can’t help but take the pictures of these children with their happy faces, loving the joy of colorful scenery..Thank you so much.

tulip-71a tulip-44a tulip-37a tulip-32a tulip-27a tulip-24a tulip-22a tulip-13a seattle-10atulip-43a

tulip-45a tulip-42a tulip-39a

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2 thoughts on “My Tulip adventure at Skagit Valley”

  1. Gorgeous! Very nice work…..I hope I am taking nice pics like these when I hit 50 (three more years to go!) Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by.

    1. thank you! yes that’s the beauty of being fifty and beyond,exploring further the things that I thought I was not capable when I was young.

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