Weekly Photo Challenge : State of Mind

Every photo we take says something about our emotions at the moment of taking it. So this week, share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone.

This is a stolen shot I took at Skagit Valley Tulips Festival, WA, I wished I took the email address of their parents so I can send them this photos. I can relate how they feel about seeing all this flowers, it’s so serene and wonderful to be really there! One of my most unforgettable trip ever!




29 years after, she looked back

“There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realise nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before this and after this.” – Unknown

Oh how time flies! A young mom with 1 ½ year old boy wondering what future will bring. A people’s power brought sad and good news but ours was unfortunate, young dad lost his job. A young family caught up with uprising, unstable employment and unable to sustained for house rent… she left overseas.

She said…

Two years contract to have a small house and open up a clinic of her own

She work hard to pay for placement fees and bought a land to build a house.

Homesickness sets in… dad came and followed by their son.

The two years became four years…

Dad didn’t finish his job contract and went back home.

He said..

No future in this company, will look for a better one.

Mom and son stayed.

She said…

Working overseas will help finish building the house and the clinic.

Dad came back

Four years… six years

Dad found another job and went back home again.

He said…

Better salary…better opportunity

Six years became ten years

Another son bring joy and happiness

Mom has better position, better salary, house done, children in good school

Dad left again for a better job, better salary and better opportunity

Twelve years….fifteen years…

Twenty years …

Mom did post graduate…career bloomed ..children happy…better education

Dad not happy…company closing down

He said…

A business of my own is better

And the day came, he left again…

Mom said…

Sons follow your dream… so she work harder…and… harder

a single parent… a single provider… a career woman

Dad got his own dream… a business of his own

While mom’s dream clinic is on hold

Twenty five years…

Trust gone…respect gone…marriage collapsed…

She said…

Letting go is a gift you owed to yourself

Twenty nine years later…

Children finished their studies…gone to pursue their dreams

Mom is alone again…

Twenty-nine years of a beautiful struggle.

to be continued…

” Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the FAITH. It will all be worth in the end.”



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Life imitates Art

A picturesque garden in a medieval town of Gruyeres, Switzerland.


 Ladies as statue in Boston,USA

2015-10-07 at 18-05-27



Los Angeles,USA

Everywhere there’s an art. I think in everything we do is an art. The way we talk, dress, the way we love, our smile even how we cry is an art 🙂

Life is an art..




Weekly Photo Challenge: TIME

How to stop time:KISS..How to travel in time: READ..How to escape time: MUSIC..How to feel time: WRITE..How to release time: BREATHE. – Matt Haig,Reasons to stay alive!

Year 2012, my youngest son went to College in Lucerne Switzerland,I also knew this is the beginning of me..being alone, separated and single parent. Fast forward, He recently graduated and moved to California as a Culinary management trainee.My other son is also in California and will finish his second degree soon. Indeed, Time passes by quickly. Make memories, feel and accept love,breathe..be positive and have faith. I thanked God every single day I woke up breathing..everyday is a new day 🙂

Here are some shots I took when I was in Lucerne visiting the old medieval clock. Zytturm (Clock tower).

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Weekly photo challenge: vibrant

Bloom and keep growing even you are fifty and beyond..


Photographer: Edge M.Suarez

Location: Santa Monica, California USA

Photos were taken last October 2015 on my 56th birthday, I got a surprise flowers and cupcake from my two sons.Sweet!

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Weekly Photo Challenge : optimistic

It all started when I washed my white sneakers and it turned like a mess of grey ,yellow and white. The question of whether cursed the shoes or make it a better one !

So I thought ..well maybe ..painting to the rescue is the answer! Optimistic?


good yeah? why not do more to my niece and nephew..


cute? hmm too optimistic to do more and improve..


This one was a bit too sneaky 🙂 so  I tried another, this time my nephew’s friend thought I am an artist and can do anything hahaha but not to disappoint him, I tried again!


Ben 10 ! hmmm better than nothing 🙂


very optimistic.. tried more


and more..



I hope I made these kids happy 🙂 and I’m happy too!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – weight (less)

taif16 (2 of 1)-2

Our first road trip for the year 2016 is to see our favourite sand dune.To catch up with the sunrise,we left  Jeddah at 5:30 in the morning.

taif16 (2 of 1)

The early morning breeze of the weekend light up the hard week we had at work.

taif16 (2 of 1)-17

though this year the sand dune seemed smaller, It’s still an amazing site to enjoy the morning.

taif16 (2 of 1)-9

taif16 (2 of 1)-5

the flowers of the dessert is looking so weight(less) floating in the air against the background of the sand.

taif16 (2 of 1)-15

taif16 (2 of 1)-11




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Weekly Photo Challenge : gathering

It’s time of the year we’re all gathered to see our family and best friends and of course, we prepared food and sweets to indulge in festivity. Here’s a photo of my carrot cup cakes – the super moist delicious carrot and spice cup cake I ever made 🙂

2015-12-21 at 13-13-182015-12-21 at 18-59-372015-12-21 at 19-09-11

and here’s our ‘hot pot’ last weekend


Bon apetite!

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