Weekly Photo Challenge: TIME

How to stop time:KISS..How to travel in time: READ..How to escape time: MUSIC..How to feel time: WRITE..How to release time: BREATHE. – Matt Haig,Reasons to stay alive!

Year 2012, my youngest son went to College in Lucerne Switzerland,I also knew this is the beginning of me..being alone, separated and single parent. Fast forward, He recently graduated and moved to California as a Culinary management trainee.My other son is also in California and will finish his second degree soon. Indeed, Time passes by quickly. Make memories, feel and accept love,breathe..be positive and have faith. I thanked God every single day I woke up breathing..everyday is a new day 🙂

Here are some shots I took when I was in Lucerne visiting the old medieval clock. Zytturm (Clock tower).

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