Age 56: bold and never mind :-)

golden girlSix years ago, the first photoshoot taken by my son landed a page in Star studio magazine, middle East edition. His first camera was Nikon D90. Last year I got him D7000 and we went on holiday together. This time, I told him I want something bold as bold as my decision to let go of things in life that gives me more stress than meaning.

Hmm at 56? bold ? hahaha I know, I am crazy to even think about it. I guess, it’s a part of growing up, rather a part of ageing process (middle age crisis?)..a make belief of things I would have done when I was at younger age. Well, if i don’t do it now, when i gonna do it?  on my senior years? That’s more than crazy πŸ™‚

I tried my luck in Santa Catalina Island. hahaha I was trying hard to posed sexy to no avail. If I can’t be sexy, how can I be bold? Well, how bold are we talking? in two piece bathing suit? No way! with bulging tummy and stretch marks πŸ™‚ bold? as in receding hairline? come’on that’s Bald! with an “a” hahaha.

Sometimes, there are things and events in life that we have to dealt with, we have to be courageous in making decision. I am fifty six and a single parent. Through the years, the journey was not easy but we continued to pursue our dream. I have to continue  encouraging and inspiring my sons and other people around me.


After so many trials and errors, “relax mom” be yourself relax” I think I heard the word “relax” a thousand times! my son’s gave up on me. Finally he said, ok mom, just posed! and wallah! πŸ™‚

This picture is so me…bold and never mind πŸ™‚ seriously, I love this photo, a 56 years old woman,bold but classy, fierce but gentle,confident but profound,strict but funny.

I had so much fun during the shoot, both my sons and best friend were all goofing, you know why I love being a mother and a dentist..modelling is not my forte. I can now go back to my dental clinic and say..”relax” to my patients πŸ™‚

Ladies,soon, I’ll be blogging about  beauty and fashion for beautybeyondfity!

stay tune!



Photographer: Edge M. Suarez

Location: Santa Monica/Santa Catalina Ca USA



Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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