Valentine’s date.. for fifty and beyond

Happy Valentines everyone! Getting ready for your date? At age 56, I still think of having a date on Valentines day,..hmm, don’t roll your eyes on me! why not?


… because… because..

See, I can’t think of a reason..hahaha

Well, have you been in love? Isn’t it the best feeling? Remember your first date? the impeccable rhythm of heart beat, the sweaty and cold hands, tantalising eyes and the never ending smile. Would it be nice, if you still feel the same way, long years after you get married?

yeah, you’re right! We became too familiar to each other that romance was like..hello and goodbye. The flowers became an ornament, an obligation to give because it’s Valentine’s day,my guess.. everyone will be posting their flowers and gifts on Facebook. you’re smiling..I know but it’s true..selfie with my Valentino/a..or selfie with my love or thank you love.Ahh..we just wished everyday is a Valentines day!

I think, that’s the missing part in a relationship..the “beyond” the giving, the attention and the courtship. We sometimes forget to set aside a day to celebrate and appreciate each other.Flowers and chocolate means nothing after a day, it will dry and we can eat a box of chocolates in few minutes.

What do you think beautybeyondfifty?

Well, I would love to celebrate this special day not necessarily on Feb. 14 , it can be before ,during or after. I would like to feel special, be appreciated. I don’t need flowers, though jewellery is an option (hahaha) ice cream over chocolate πŸ™‚ cold pizza over hamburger πŸ™‚ kidding aside..the best gift is TIME. yes, time to each other without being pushed or obligated to sit and talk. Perhaps a walk on the beach or park either sunrise or sunset, reminiscing the moments of togetherness, no calls, no work ..just “US”.

Puff!’s only a wish! πŸ™‚

Well, ladies, so much about having date, here are few Valentines posing tips for you!

1- lean forward, pull the chin forward to avoid a little bit of flabby fat under the chin.

2) Lift the arm to make it smaller;turn the shoulder, don’t face the camera head-on, this will create a bigger body.

And for those who are alone on Valentine’s Day, have a “me” time, go and pampered yourself, have a spa ,do your hair and nails or watch movie with ice cream and popcorn on the sides. Remember this day will also pass so enjoy it!



Dress: Banana Republic

Shoes: Primadonna


Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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