Age 59: LIPS… understanding aging process for beauties beyond fifty(aka older women)

Do you notice anything about your smile?

Does your teeth shows when you smile?

Is your lips getting thinner?

Come on! Look at the mirror and examine your lips, was it the same when you were in your early twenties?


Well, When I was a teenager ,way back.. 🙂 hahaha make a calculation and you will know what year..I used to think my lips were big and thick! I am conscious about my teeth as well, it’s protruded and big. I did Orthodontic treatment, extracted four teeth to minimize protrusion of my lips and now that I am fifty and beyond, I find my lips thinner and my teeth doesn’t show as much as it was !

beauty smile
Feeling young at 52

Yep, as we grow older, our upper lips become thinner and lower lips increases a bit in thickness. The main reason why lips become thinner and loses its natural volume is because of collagen depletion.

Throughout aging, the face becomes flatter and the nose gains more prominence, resulting in a longer upper lip which explains why, sometimes in older women, upper front teeth cannot be seen during smiling.

Try to look at the mirror again and say the word “emma” without closing your lips, just in a relax position, can you see your two front teeth? Young people have at least 2mm of it showing but for adult, sometimes, the two front teeth can not be seen at all. Well, it’s not only the problem of upper lips getting longer ,it is also the wear and tear of the teeth. Sometimes, the teeth itself got shorter because of attrition.

What treatment options do we have?

  • some women, choose to plump their upper lips, but at times they also over do it, resulting to a pronounced pout lips which at times too artificial (my opinion). Restylane is an example of filler used to increase volume and define the vermillion border of the lips.
  • lip implants – I would not even consider this treatment
  • fat injections – another treatment I will not consider

Well, for me, I would rather enhanced the shape of my teeth like doing veneer or laminates or bleaching and a good technique in lipstick application.

at age 59, i use different shades of lipstick and lip pencil

Lipstick application for older women:


  • apply moisturizer or in my case I use vaseline every night to prevent chapping and maintain the natural color of my lips
  • embrace pink shade of lipstick, though my mom at age 91, she still use red lipstick. I think pink for lighter skin and red for darker skin. I also think it should be at least two degrees darker than natural color of your lips.
  • line your lips with pencil and accentuate the cuspid’s bow with a darker colorlips2
  • finish with light gloss to have more youthful look 🙂

Is there any difference between branded lipstick and lipstick I got from pharmacy?

My opinion?




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Beautybeyondfifty dares a 19 years old model on photoshoot

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

Are you beyond fifty years of age? Is there a protocol of what to wear when you’re fifty and beyond?

Is it about you? or is it about how people perceive you? Are you afraid of humiliating your family more than yourself?

What do we consider when we want to wear something in fashion?

Have you heard how President Obama’s daughter got critiqued in Facebook because of wearing what teens wears today?

so I thought, what will happen if I, a woman of fifty-five years old wears what a 19 years old model wears during photo shoot?

will I be shoot to kill? (wink) or will people be dismayed of what I did? 🙂

huh! over thinking will kill the fun 🙂

Model-Kristine Solis
Model-Kristine Solis

Have you ever wondered how time flies? The time that you were so skinny and have a coca cola body or hourglass shape?

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

34-24-34 statistics as we age will be like 34-34-34 🙂 because of aging process specially after menopause, the estrogen levels goes down and  it seems the fat distributions are all in the abdomen,thigh,hips and buttocks , so from hourglass shape to an apple shape huh! at least there’s still a shape! hahaha

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

and what about the hair? have you noticed? it get’s thinner by the years! well, at least we don’t get bald like the old men!

sharing laugh with my friends daughter is treasure
sharing laugh with my friends’ daughter Kristine a treasure to behold
Photo credit: B. Solis
Photo credit: B. Solis

and beautybeyondfifty wears the most outrageous attire at age 55!

Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi

Are you still breathing?

good! because life goes matter what, so enjoy your day, don’t fret about what you gonna wear today, what other people would say, what matter most is the fun you’re having 🙂 right?

Wrong at certain times, i.e.  wearing high heels on the beach! well, that’s an exaggeration :-), what about wearing crop top and your bulging tummy is getting ready to burst! hahaha wild imagination 🙂

Model: Kristine and jamilamimi
Model: Kristine and jamilamimi

What I mean..wear what’s comfortable,don’t count your age count your money instead (joke).

Be who you are, …dress what you like,… be free but if people laugh at you be ready to laugh at them too!

Ladies, enjoy the short time we will be here on earth, look around, feel your happiness…breath…Live!





Bio: Kristine Solis is a singer,model and a pop artist

Photographer: B.Solis and M.Suarez

Clothes: Zara,Pull and Bear

Make Up:K.Solis and M.Suarez


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Celebrating 52 in Style!

October 27, 2011, flying high aboard Royal Jordanian Airlines, My friend Nabil warned not to travel on my birthday but I have a little superstitious belief that If I die, I die in style! 🙂

So, I reached my destination Amman, Jordan…in one piece… kicking and alive! Yeheyyy!

We had sumptuous lunch at my second family house. As much as I would like to eat more arabic dish, I was thinking about the 5 kilos I lost… hmmm i told myself…,”stop eating” otherwise your dress wont fit! SPandexxxxx!

After meeting the family members and old friends, we headed to Marriott  resort and spa at Dead Sea. Wonderful place, large swimming pools ( I think they were 4 of them), I was booked as one of the bride’s family member so for the meantime, i signed my name with their family name, (for discount purposes) yay!

beautiful sunset

After getting my things into the room , I hurried up to see the beautiful sunset, while walking along the shore, I met old friends, we sat down at the lobby of the hotel, few more minutes, familiar faces came in and I’m still dressed with shirt and jogging pants, I excused myself but they said it’s alright no need to change…so, dinner is served!

52nd b-day dinner

At the very end, waiters were getting closer to our table, I thought for a while, they were already closing but to my surprised, one is carrying a big cake with one big candle. Hurray! it’s my 52nd b-day. Cheers!

thanx for coming!

Thank you for an awesome night, a night to remember!

Age 52: how to lose 5 kilos in one month

good job!

Having a goal… like to fit in a dress that you really like to wear helps a lot on your determination to lose weight. It’s not easy but it’s not difficult too!

I started just walking for an hour, once a week with my good friends, then cut my carbohydrates, CUT means not to remove the rice immediately rather, I ate rice about three times a week. I ate brown bread instead of white bread.

I ate fruits and vegetables more than red meat then after a week, i started treadmill (20 minutes), play x-box kinect for an hour, dumbbell for 10 minutes ( 3 kls each) Hence, I didn’t have time in the morning, i did it before bedtime.

After two weeks, i totally remove the rice in my diet. My breakfast consists of: cereal or brown bread with hallumi cheese , fruit and coffee. Lunch and dinner: vegetable salad and chicken only. No carbonated drinks , only water and tea. In between meals, I ate almond nuts and drink coffee or tea.

Once a week , every Thursday is a cheat day, my son and I enjoy going to restaurant and have full meal but… take note..we had most of the time GRILLED food and a lots of salad , and indulge in sweetness too (small portion) just to satisfy my palate of nice food.

So ladies, the trick???…no carbs, exercise regularly and cheat once a week and walla! 5 kilos in one month! i don’t intend to lose more than 5 kilos, so I would just keep it up with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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Poison me… feel better…??? Journal (repost)

Poison me…feel better…??? journal August 7,2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 5:03pm

Poison me…feel better…???
Mirror…mirror on the wall…Why do I have all this lines in my face? Well, my dear…this is the sign of aging process either within the norm or under stress. Every line represents your daily stresses in life…work…family…Husband/wife…children and money.

I have a patient today, her glabella (the space between eyebrows on the front) has a deep crease (wrinkle) that even she doesn’t make an effort to squint, it is still visible. Her husband is not happy that I will inject poison(?) on her face to erase that mark. The wife argues that she got her wrinkle from him and she claimed he is the poison in her life. Gosh!

 Keep holding the mirror…I bet few would agree with her, lol!Why poison? What is Botox? • Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type-A, Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA) is supplied as a sterile, preservative-free, vacuum dried powder consisting of 100 units of Clostridium botulinum toxin, 0.5 mg human albumin, and 0.9 mg of sodium chloride.Botulinum toxin, a potent neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum. Yes, the same bacterium that can cause food poisoning! Clostridium botulinum is a Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium that produces neurotoxins known as botulinum neurotoxins types A-G, which causes flaccid muscular paralysis seen in botulism, and is also the main paralytic agent in botox.

OMG! Your frown lines would not only disappear…hahahaha you will also disappear forever…lol!Kidding aside…Is there any danger of botulism from BOTOX Cosmetic™?

No. Given by a trained Doctor in the correct amount, there is no danger of botulism from BOTOX Cosmetic™. Botulism is caused by very large amounts of the toxin in the system usually from eating contaminated food. Very high doses, often 100 times more than would normally be used, would have to be injected to cause harm.

The dose is very minimal, very superficial like mosquito bites. The effect can be seen after 3- 4 days.
Botulinum toxin type A is purified into a protein that blocks the release of acetylcholine. The effects are 100% reversible but Botox® typically lasts for a few months. The effect of Botox® is to temporarily weaken overactive muscles.

poison me…feel better! part 2 journal august 8, 2010

 Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 5:34pm
Ladies and Gentlemen…Yes why not? Gentlemen…Having nice body and nice faces are not only for ladies…It’s also for men. Why men are so demanding that their ladies should maintain their figure and beauty? …While men can maintain their big tummy and wrinkles???? Why?? (This call for another blog lol!)
Now…grab your mirror again…what do you see? Any lines? Horizontal, vertical and diagonal …Hmmmm… a couple maybe! Hahahaha the more you look at the mirror the more prominent the lines are…
keep holding and look…just look at yourself without any emotions.
Nasolabial fold (line from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth) this is “SMILE LINE” if this gets deeper than usual… you need derma filler (I will discuss later what the difference between a filler and Botox)…keep smiling… tell yourself… You’re beautiful!!… Indeed! Big Smile pls!
If you find your teeth darker than usual, consider cleaning, bleaching or veneer. If the alignment is not good, you have deep bite…then consider braces…if you have cavities, restore it and if your gum looks so reddish and puffy then you need to treat that first…If you have gummy smile, be happy…imagine yourself 10 years from now…it will just be fine. And if you don’t have budget…come on pat yourself at the back…everyone will grow old.:-) Why your lines get deeper? As I mentioned earlier on my previous notes, as we age, our skin sag, like it goes down vertically… now keep smiling… do you see a line at the corner of your eyes?Crow’s feet (tiny lines around the outer corner of the eyes that’s branch out) some people think its wrinkle and some people thinks its shows wisdom. Ahhhh…I rather show my knowledge and skills in actions not in wrinkle. Lol!Marionette lines ( lines from the corner of your mouth to jaw line)

Now, try to move your eyebrows up and down, try to look angry, in pain, worried and sad. What do you see? Lines..lines..lines… hahahahaha …I bet you want to buy a new mirror…be cool!

Glabella line (do you see number 11 in between your eyebrow, in the middle of your nose bridge?) how about horizontal lines across your forehead (Frontal lines)..

I bet… if you can see me would tell me ..jamilamimi please stop, you’re not helping.. lol! this is the reality, whether you like it or not, we will have these  lines,remember, I am trying to explain this as simple as I can and as painless as I can…. you really need to remove all these lines of aging?

Poison me..Feel better( Part 3) journal August 9, 2010

on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 9:05pm
Who wanted to be young and beautiful? Itaas ang mga paa!!! (put your feet up :-)) Hahahaha…Mirror, oh my mirror who are the fairest of them all… of course lahat kaming single ladies!
Scoop: Cosmetic Dentistry plus Botox cosmetic and derma filler…guaranteed to make you 10-15 years younger!What is the difference between Botox and derma filler?Botox cosmetic- works by relaxing the muscles, thus preventing wrinkles and smoothing out lines.
Botox is a safe-to-use bacterial toxin which, when injected into the facial muscles in minute quantities, relaxes the muscles and effectively improves the appearance of wrinkles that are caused by the movement of these muscles. Dermal fillers -Dermal fillers s(ie. restylane) are based on a degradable hyaluronic acid in the form of a clear gel. This gel is injected into the skin to create volume, smooth out wrinkles and restore fullness to lips. Due to its degradable nature, dermal fillers also need to be injected regularly.
Botox and dermal filler can be used together.I have seen patient who had botox and dermal filler in her lips done by dermatologist but her dentist didn’t do a good job on her teeth.It’s just depressing to even look at her mouth.I would suggest that before you do any rejuvenation procedure, check out your teeth first, then your gums and then your skin and if you need any enhancement, removing few lines then go ahead with botox or filler or a combination of both.
Don’t even attempt to change YOU… some people wants to erase all the lines in their face that they forget their neck…(though it can be treated now) and you can’t even know whether they are smiling or just being stoic .

And some wants to have Angelina Jolie lips, Marilyn Monroe eyebrow, Mix and match! it just doesn’t work most of the time.

To put volume on your lips (don’t use too much filler) but do your teeth first. Imagine yourself, with a pouty lips but when you smile..yakksss..the teeth looks doesn’t make sense.

Your frontal lines and glabella lines are the easiest lines to remove but you still want people to recognize whether you are mad or not, so I suggest..don’t overdo it..

And you have to be very careful, botox can lift your eyebrow, if you don’t want your eyebrow lifted, just tell your doctor and if ever you ask for it, make sure it is balance on both sides.

Summary of therapeutic and cosmetic of Botox and derma filler:

-Blepharospasm (abdnormal twitching (winking) of eyelids)

-Cervical Dystonia (painful contraction of neck muscles)

-Hyperhydrosis of the axillae ( kili-kiling palaging pawis)

-TMD (Temporomandibular disorder) clenching teeth, grinding (bruxism)

-gummy smile (too much showing of the gum when in full smile)

– Wrinkles, eyebrow lift

– add volume to lips

Well ladies, are you still holding your mirror? If you’re happy on what you see, don’t think about it..
YOU are the most important…of what you feel about yourself, not your husband, not your friends but yourself.. If you can look at the mirror everyday and be satisfied of what you see…BE HAPPY!

If you still want to rejuvenate…be a better version of yourself!


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I thought life would be cheaper when you’re fifty and beyond

my golden year without shoes!

Does life gets better after you reach fifty and beyond? well, it depends, on how far you’ve been.ahhh, you can say that again!

I was filling up the form for our yearly medical insurance, as usual,name, date of birth, gender etc. the bracket of payment was at the end of the form. I always thought that I am fifty ( sorry ladies, i stop counting at age fifty).

35-40 yrs. old (SR 1,149) 41-50 yrs. old (SR 1,349) 51-59 (Sr 2,649) 60-69(Sr 15,000)

Whoa! SR 2,649 for 51 yrs old and above! I thought when I reached fifty and beyond, I will have a discount but NO! your body will eventually be less resistant to sickness,not to mention the menopausal syndrome … thus need more medical attention and so your medical insurance increases in anticipation of this predicament.

I thought , I don’t care if my face has wrinkles, anyway, I am fifty and beyond but NO! looking at the mirror everyday makes you wonder, do I need a Botox? a filler? or a face lift? who cares!

I travel a lot and my suit case is full of clothes I need on every occasion, every weather, every no need to buy stuff, but NO! It doesn’t fit anymore, I grew three sizes bigger..oh my! good thing my shoe size doesn’t change but NO! the style change, the fashion change..who cares!

My little handy bag used to have my lipstick,foundation,eyebrow pencil,mascara and lotion.Guess what’s the additional item? concealer! yes! to hide those dark circles around my eyes, sides of my nose and my dark pimples (which sometimes, let me feel I am still young! at least in my dreams! ha ha ha ha). What else? medicines! I have to add more medicines in my bag (headache,cramps,allergy,eye drop etc)

Eyeglasses! I have sunglasses, medical eye wear (i got two, one is spare just in case know what I mean, beautybeyondfifty is getting old and forgetful)and not to mention, I have my loop too! Contact lens? no , I don’t wear one.

Gadgets! whoa, I used to have desk top computers only, but I needed a lap top so i can do my work at  home and at the office, clang! there goes another net book, easy to handle but got to have an extra hard no no still too heavy, i got an iPad so i can just put it in my everyday bag still not contented? here we go..iphone4, it goes to my purse easily ,ahhh do you think ,I wont carry my camera and MacBook air when I travel the next week? Think again! 🙂

My hair is turning grey…got to color it and made some high lights and low lights ahhhh additional expenses too! what else?

Oh well, got to park my pen, I won’t do anything at all if I find living expensive after all when you die, I guess its more expensive to buy a coffin and a place to bury the dead.

And so I therefore conclude, Life and living is still the best!

The F…things on beauty beyond fifty!

51...your candle cost more than the cake!

Blowing 30th candles on your day is like celebrating the end of the month. Years just passed too quick and here comes 40, pretty exciting ahhhh! Life starts at 40, isn’t it? What about the big 5’O, what is it all about? This is considered to be the milestone in one’s life, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel old.; age is more of a state of mind!

Oh yeah! State of mind….joke!

Let me try…Here are the F…..(FUNNY) things ha ha ha ha… I bet you’re thinking the other meaning of “F”!!!

Here are some funny things that will certified you’re fifty and beyond:
– you got two candles that represent the number of your age. You know you’re getting old when the candles are more expensive than the cake.

– when some one greeted you with due respect and added “po” at the end of every sentence.. It’s either it shows on your face or this someone is very respectful of the seniors lol!

– when ask about age; you just say the end ” ty one,..ty..two”

– you’re still hot, it’s just that it comes in hot flashes

– you see the line of wisdom…meaning there’s nothing left to learn the hard way

– you can live without s*x but not without glasses

– no matter how little you eat, you can’t fit in size just keep growing…your thigh and hips..who cares about metabolism?

– you feel humps everywhere esp. in the middle and you curse the inventor of the low waist jeans

– at the end you quit holding your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room

– you can remember faces but not the names

– you keep coming to the room and keep forgetting why you’re there in the first place.

– you smile and nod but doesn’t get most of the stories, the good thing, your secret is safe because you’re friends can’t remember it either. Ha ha ha ha!

And here’s some funny quotes:

“Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened!”

Middle Age: Later than you think, and sooner than you expected.

Look at the bright side: ten years ago ,today you just turned forty!

Have a good day ladies!

Aging gracefully…diversion is the key

the many faces of fifty

Age is a number that usually we are not amused to count. I came to Jeddah 1987, armed with a double Bachelor degree, a lot of my patients commented that I am too young to be a Doctor…” Whatttt..don’t tell me you went to school when your teeth are just erupting???” At that time, I am not pleased, I like to look matured, may be 10 years more than my age. I look like a child who is trying hard to wear a white coat to look like a doctor. Appearance really matters in this country because if you look around they really look matured more than their age.

That was then, now fifty and beyond wants to look naturally. Time have passed, you have made a marked in people’s mind, whether it is your patients, your friend, family and acquaintances. That’s the good thing being in your golden years, you have achieved a lot that a formal introduction is not needed, unless you haven’t change your old self, I mean your appearance in particular.

If you’re wearing the same hairstyle century ago, now is the time to change… try finding a good salon that will cut and color your hair according to your skin tone.

Check your wardrobe; check the colors of your clothes…are you in gray or black shades? There’s nothing wrong with black, but if you’re wearing black at all times, think! Are you hiding something? May be its time to shade those extra kilos! Wear something different, red? Blue? Yellow or maybe choose lighter shades that will make your day better, which will make you feel different if not beautiful. Remember when you feel good, you look beautiful inside out.

If you haven’t been in SPA, now is the time to pamper yourself. You’re under stress? Go shopping; buy the things you really want, no money?  Well, then just look at it ha ha ha ha, well at least you did some exercise (walking around mall), you see beautiful people who will inspire your day, instead of just sitting at home, cleaning, ironing, cooking etc. Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing these things every day, have time for yourself too!

Aging is a continuous process, we cannot hold it, rich and famous looks fabulous because they have means, domestic helper, PA, etc. a lot of things that we normal ladies doesn’t have… but you know what, we have ourselves, this is the time to think about YOU, if you don’t? Who else would?

It’s natural for us, to think about our children, we can afford to buy them PSP, X-box, a thousand worth of clothes/shoes but what we got for ourselves?twenty riyals worth of slippers? You’re probably busy doing household chores that you just clipped back your hair, wear old clothes, and ignore the mirror. huh! It’s about time..wake up, do something for yourself, at least pamper yourself once a week, a month, find time to amuse yourself.

Stress? find something to divert, dance, yes dance even you’re alone, do exercise…this is beneficial to your body and mind…declare a day off! kids has day off…dad has a day off..even a helper has a day off…why not YOU!

Let’s go  ladies… see you on Thursday? LADIES!
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