My Switzerland Escapades 2012 -Lucerne (Luzern) part 1

Lucerne is referred to as “City of Lights”,centrally located at the heart of Europe. It was raining when I arrived with my son who will be  studying at Cesar Ritz College of Switzerland taking up BS in Culinary Arts.

Lucerne is also know as the ” Tourist Capital”  of Switzerland. 

The first thing that caught my eyes when we were walking was “the Chapel bridge” built in 1333, it features a number of gable paintings. Along the side is an octagonal water tower also built-in 13th century.The bridge are lined with flowers , ducks and swans floats around the water.

Samples of paintings

at night

worker in action


a view from the bridge in black and white

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The Swans of Lake Lucerne (Luzern)

Autumn Cheers!

Raining hard when I arrived in Lucerne but it didn’t stop me from taking pictures. The Swan in the lake of Lucerne are tourist friendly.

I enjoy watching them, ignoring the rain (which goes on and off )

I keep on flashing and it seems they enjoying the attention too!

as if trying to impress the onlookers, he dives beautifully

with his head neck twisted

on triangle formation

by two’s

arching his neck again

and again

what a lovely sight!

I can’t stop clicking , I hold my umbrella on one hand, camera on the other hand. Waiting for his wings to flap and looks like sleeping or tired of showing off!

then suddenly…opens his wings

and off they go!

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