Shabuya-a review

Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Ca USA

22 June 2016

My food adventures with Chef Kevin and my photographer Edge (though all photos here are mine😊) continues on. The beauty of being with them is …I got to try different menu and also learn new things, forget about putting on additional weight, it’s holiday time!

Today lunch choice: Japanese shabu shabu

I would say, so far this is the best hot pot I have tried in LA. The soup base even though it is spicy, i can still savour its tastes, so yummy!

well, is it obvious that I love shrimps😍

Chef Kevin says: put noodles at the last part!


Because after putting all the meat, vegetables and sea food, the broth or soup takes in all the flavor and of course noodles will absorb all the flavors too!

love it! and I don’t mind to come back again in this restaurant. The price is also reasonable for ” eat all you can” hot pot.

Ladies, what are you waiting for? try now!



Age 57: my funny summer adventure (part 2)

San Diego, California 

21 jun 2016

we took an early road trip to San Diego. passing through scenic beaches of huntington, newport, laguna and dana point.

guess what’s the choice of chef kevin for lunch?

Brazillian steak!

ok what’s the funny part?

well, at the middle of the dining table there’s a fire which I thought we will be using to grill some steak😜 toink! its for heat on cold days😊



Age 57: my funny summer adventure (part 1)

This is our first family trip, a real holiday because my first son recently graduated and my youngest son have just finished his management training and I , of course took a break off from my hectic schedule.

So this is it…beautybeyondfifty updating from Los Angeles California😊

picking up my youngest from Catalina Express!


Ladies, this is the funny thing😊 I ordered this  tsukemen with a soup on the side not knowing that i should dip the noodles (no wonder its cold) into the hot soup hahaha

a series of food adventure like what happened on my stop over in London, trying Ramsay Gordon plane food, ordering burger and peroni. looking at the glass like it’s a beer, I asked the waiter, did i ordered this?

yes mam its peroni! oh I didn’t know peroni is a beer😜 

see? you’re laughing too!



California Dream: Los Angeles to Santa Monica (Part 2)

One of the highlights of my visit to California besides visiting my two sons was the excitement of meeting my uncle family and the arrival of my best friend from Arkansa who I haven’t seen for 32 years. Hence, we won’t be able to fit in at my eldest son apartment , we decided to rent a one bedroom apartment at Santa Monica.We rented the place using the app”airbnb”. The place was accessible to all the places we would like to go, safe,with parking area and  Meenu,the owner, is very friendly.

I would say, this trip was a combination of road trip and food trip..of course! what else? it’s a HOLIDAY 🙂

Uncle pete's family



Check out our food trip 🙂

The Boiling crab at Korean Town – my take? Superb!

Black bear diner at Long beach

Shabu- Shabu at Santa Monica

Korean Barbecue at Korean Town

and a lot more..burp! I know ladies, yes I gained 3 kilos, lol!

I will need a lot of inspiration to exercise and get rid of all the extra fats 🙂

Did I see Hollywood? or any touristic site? Well, I would love to.. but with the time constrained I opted to just go with the flow, wherever and whatever our mind and body takes us.

Griffith Observatory

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier


and another day has ended , another road trip and more food trip to come 🙂




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