California Dream: Los Angeles to Santa Monica (Part 2)

One of the highlights of my visit to California besides visiting my two sons was the excitement of meeting my uncle family and the arrival of my best friend from Arkansa who I haven’t seen for 32 years. Hence, we won’t be able to fit in at my eldest son apartment , we decided to rent a one bedroom apartment at Santa Monica.We rented the place using the app”airbnb”. The place was accessible to all the places we would like to go, safe,with parking area and  Meenu,the owner, is very friendly.

I would say, this trip was a combination of road trip and food trip..of course! what else? it’s a HOLIDAY 🙂

Uncle pete's family



Check out our food trip 🙂

The Boiling crab at Korean Town – my take? Superb!

Black bear diner at Long beach

Shabu- Shabu at Santa Monica

Korean Barbecue at Korean Town

and a lot more..burp! I know ladies, yes I gained 3 kilos, lol!

I will need a lot of inspiration to exercise and get rid of all the extra fats 🙂

Did I see Hollywood? or any touristic site? Well, I would love to.. but with the time constrained I opted to just go with the flow, wherever and whatever our mind and body takes us.

Griffith Observatory

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier


and another day has ended , another road trip and more food trip to come 🙂




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