Weekly Photo Challenge : gathering

It’s time of the year we’re all gathered to see our family and best friends and of course, we prepared food and sweets to indulge in festivity. Here’s a photo of my carrot cup cakes – the super moist delicious carrot and spice cup cake I ever made πŸ™‚

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and here’s our ‘hot pot’ last weekend


Bon apetite!

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California Dream: Los Angeles to Santa Monica (Part 2)

One of the highlights of my visit to California besides visiting my two sons was the excitement of meeting my uncle family and the arrival of my best friend from Arkansa who I haven’t seen for 32 years. Hence, we won’t be able to fit in at my eldest son apartment , we decided to rent a one bedroom apartment at Santa Monica.We rented the place using the app”airbnb”. The place was accessible to all the places we would like to go, safe,with parking area and Β Meenu,the owner, is very friendly.

I would say, this trip was a combination of road trip and food trip..of course! what else? it’s a HOLIDAY πŸ™‚

Uncle pete's family



Check out our food trip πŸ™‚

The Boiling crab at Korean Town – my take? Superb!

Black bear diner at Long beach

Shabu- Shabu at Santa Monica

Korean Barbecue at Korean Town

and a lot more..burp! I know ladies, yes I gained 3 kilos, lol!

I will need a lot of inspiration to exercise and get rid of all the extra fats πŸ™‚

Did I see Hollywood? or any touristic site? Well, I would love to.. but with the time constrained I opted to just go with the flow, wherever and whatever our mind and body takes us.

Griffith Observatory

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier


and another day has ended , another road trip and more food trip to come πŸ™‚




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Celebrating Dual Citizen ; “Hot pot” Jeddah Style

Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake

When I greeted my bro Kelly ” A happy 60th birthday ” he told me he is celebrating with a dual citizen!

huh? dual?

YEp! Filipino Citizen and Senior Β Citizen πŸ™‚

When you hit the big SIX “O” (60 yrs old), you got a card of senior citizen and a tag of twenty percent discount to selected airlines , restaurant and a free bus pass too!


celebrating with a trademark "Kelly" moustache :-)
celebrating with a trademark “Kelly” moustache πŸ™‚

We decided to celebrate his bday with a “hot-pot ” lunch at home. Hot pot is basically a mixed of East Asian stew, simmering at the centre of the dining table; the ingredients like meat, shrimp,fish and different kind of vegetables are cooked at the table. The ultimate dining experience where you can smell the aroma of the spices, your eyes glued on the food, and once it hit your palate, savouring the flavour and the freshness, yum! then suddenly you grab a tissue to wipe your perspiration πŸ™‚ either from the hot spices or from the steam of the hot-pot πŸ™‚ whatever it is..we fill and feel the happiness of our belly.

DSC_8206 DSC_8208

hot pot Jeddah Style
hot pot Jeddah Style

DSC_8211 DSC_8213 DSC_8214 DSC_8215 DSC_8217

I also made “lumpiang sariwa ” (fresh vegetable spring rolls) with homemade egg roll wrapper. We supposed to eat this while waiting for the hot pot but it seemed everyone was just to hungry and we dig in almost at one time πŸ™‚

Fresh spring rolls
Fresh spring rolls

After four years, I will also be celebrating my own 60th bday! yay πŸ™‚ I wonder what kind of celebration would it be? for sure there will be another menu on the table, who knows, I might be sitting at a restaurant manage by my nomadic Chef Kevin , lovely thought!

And for my bff’s Thank you for coming!

thank you for coming!
thank you for coming!
my sis "bunso"
my sis “bunso”
cutting of the cake
cutting of the cake
the real bunso Ashley with Kelly
the real bunso Ashley with Kelly

For you my bro Kelly, may you have more birthdays to come, stay healthy and young at heart πŸ™‚

WE love you!