Slow down Camel crossing…Road trip to Madaín Saleh

Slow down Camel crossing… Road trip to Madaín Saleh

We left Jeddah at 5óclock in the morning of October 28, 2012, same month when I visited the Nabatean capital of the north –PETRA in Jordan last year. Madaín Saleh is about 800 km from Jeddah. We filled our cooler with cold drinks, foods, chips, chocolates and nuts. Hence, we couldn’t find a booking on 28thwe also packed our camping gear and gadgets.


Arac Al Ula Hotel arranged the permit for us. We only e-mailed our names and iqama numbers and presto! Permit is free of charge. As the sun rises up, we stop for a while for breakfast. We are 10 adults and 4 children in 3 cars. My two brothers are with me and a very good friend of mine who also packed his sense of humor which made the trip more enjoyable.

The road was straight with a little curvature at times, surrounded with Rock Mountains; we had our second stop for lunch, a picnic under the shaded trees.As we get nearer to the place, more curvatures are evident on the road with has the road sign “slow down, camel crossing” wow!  As if were passing “School zone, children crossing”. This is good, because I heard a lot of accidents happened at night when suddenly camel cross the road and bumps the car.

salt bed

Our third stop is the salt pans (salt bed),


I wonder if this is the Al hasa salt pans, so excited to get down to see the place which looks like snow in the summer, and I was not able to notice the name of the area. We filled our KIA van with gasoline twice, and I can’t help not to mention that our friend’s car is Hyundai Matrix which I didn’t see him filling it, so I said “let’s buy that kind of car tomorrow immediately “joke!

We started from Jeddah to Rabigh to Thuwal to Yanbu to Al Ula then to Madaín Saleh. Ten hours driving with 3 stops and still full of energy. Al Ula is a small town which is about 22 km away to Madaín Saleh. It‘s beautiful place surrounded by valleys, plateau, green palm trees and sandy mountains.


We were advised not to camp to avoid being in trouble. So we spent a night in a furnished 3 bedroom apartment (SR600) not bad for 12 persons. The following morning we went early to Arac Hotel to get our permit, unfortunately the man –in-charged was not yet there and so we enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding Al Ula, blue skies, overlap valleys, red sandy mountains (red-rocks too!) with beautiful high energy friends, (am I being redundant?) huh! can’t help it, what a beautiful day!

After taking photos of the surroundings, we got our permit and arrived in Madaín Saleh only to find out there’s a big line of cars waiting outside the gate. The gate opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening. Those visitors who doesn’t have permit were not allowed to enter the gate.

Alas! We were able to get in, amidst of excitement and happiness, we’re all packed with high energy. Madaín Saleh featured 131 monumental rock-cut tombs spread out over a vast area (I’m not sure how big it is) we only noticed the numbers when we started taking pictures. There was no brochure or map to guide us where to start. I think they should open the gate a bit earlier for the guest to look around and appreciate the place more.

A replica of the Hijaz Railway station is a beautiful site to begin with. Followed by the Nabatean well and a different kinds of tomb.

I noticed that the outer forms are finer and decorative than the inside. We left the place around 4 pm and went to checked – in to Arac Hotel. This time we were in a hurry to catch the sunset at the biggest and highest plateau in Al Ula. The road to Al Ula plateau is narrow and soaring high, so we decided to be all together in one big car. It was a thrilling experience to chase the sun which stunningly shines reflecting the golden sandy mountains.

at the top of the plateau overlooking the town of Al ULa

To be continued….

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Sunset Rendezvous at Al Ula Plateau

The most thrilling and unforgettable Eid Al adha holiday was  reaching the top of the Al Ula plateau, a height of more than thousand meters, overlooking the town of Ula. The chill of chasing the sunset was awesome and having a group of friends who are just as lovely as the sunset, what  more can we ask?

Here’s an example of “forever lover at sunset” a story beyond aka (Richard and Dawn … I”m sorry I was not able to take the story of “Coco and Julia” as my shots are over -exposed.

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Dead Sea -the sea of salt

Don’t know how to float? Come to dead sea, its unusual buoyancy will make you float effortless…Yesss, it’s true, i was able to float in no time, standing or you can lie back and read newspaper, wonderful experience.

dead sea at Jordan Valley Marriott resort

To reach this unique spot, we traveled from Amman around 30-45 minutes by car, as we go nearer down, my ear pops too. Dead sea is the lowest body of water on earth, the lowest point on earth and world’s richest source of natural salts.

a closer look

It has also therapeutic effect on skin but beware if you have an open cut or sore, it really stings! I opted for arabic coffee scrub instead of dead sea salt rub and i came out of the spa, beautifully tan and smelling great too, an aroma of brewed coffee! hehehehe.

I was so lucky to capture the amazing sunset at dead sea, its reflection was like a big candle glowing  at dead sea.

beautiful sunset at dead sea

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Why sunset?

Remember: as the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it

Why sunset? why not sunrise? It’s been a craze to have a sunset wedding, I wonder why? They said, it’s more romantic, as the sun goes down at sunset, you are with your new partner and as the sun rises up the following day, a new chapter of your life unfolds with your new husband/wife. is a little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

If your marriage did not sustain, romance failed, you remember that you went down with the sun and a part of your life was taken.Oh, goes on, sun will rise up again and again.

clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or storm but to add color to my sunset sky

Orange is a bright provocative color of sunset. It gives you challenge to face the realm of life with a man/woman who will be yours forever.

What about its hue of provocation, the temptation, the lust and eventually the betrayal at the end…would “love” be enough to see the sun rises up again?

Remember: when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it…so every time it comes you also watch how it glow and blow you away, every moment counts because life is too short to enjoy .

do things with passion or not at all...the beauty of sunset will always be there

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