Dead Sea -the sea of salt

Don’t know how to float? Come to dead sea, its unusual buoyancy will make you float effortless…Yesss, it’s true, i was able to float in no time, standing or you can lie back and read newspaper, wonderful experience.

dead sea at Jordan Valley Marriott resort

To reach this unique spot, we traveled from Amman around 30-45 minutes by car, as we go nearer down, my ear pops too. Dead sea is the lowest body of water on earth, the lowest point on earth and world’s richest source of natural salts.

a closer look

It has also therapeutic effect on skin but beware if you have an open cut or sore, it really stings! I opted for arabic coffee scrub instead of dead sea salt rub and i came out of the spa, beautifully tan and smelling great too, an aroma of brewed coffee! hehehehe.

I was so lucky to capture the amazing sunset at dead sea, its reflection was like a big candle glowing  at dead sea.

beautiful sunset at dead sea

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  1. i think you finally shot a perfect picture! the others were close to perfect 🙂
    clouds look like painting…

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