The Amazing Binurong point – Baras, Catanduanes


When my nephew told me, we will be going early morning (4 am) to Binurong point, I said..”yes” happily not knowing, were going to ride a motorcycle and trek a mountain. Wow! exciting! at age 56 here I am 🙂 riding a motorbike and trekking. binuronpoint-1-2

It was a cool morning and suddenly the rain poured, instead of protecting myself, I wrapped my jacket around my camera 🙂 there was no shelter to stop so we just went on. It’s about an hour of joy riding with a group of health workers. Yep! It was like a medical mission, our group consist of a surgeon, anesthesiologist, doctors and nurses 🙂


Binurong point is located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras Catanduanes, Philippines


It’s an amazing sight of beautiful cliff and hill, so clean and green.


flowers, the green grass, the trees…


Beware of bushes and low trees, I bumped my head not once but twice 🙂



and of course, my signature jump and pose!

at the end of the trip, it was refreshing to find out a make shift store selling cold drinks and chips and a hammock to just sit for awhile before heading back to Virac town proper.

and what more can you ask, after having “nilagang baboy” (pork stew) as lunch 🙂 Yummy!


it was a wonderful day!

Thank YOU!



My Oahu Escapades -travelling counterclockwise to Polynesian Cultural Centre (part 5/5)

When we got our ticket to Polynesian Cultural centre though online, we thought 11:45 am was too early to go ahead so, we went to drive route highway 72 (Kalaniana’ole highway) passing thru the spectacular view of Hanauma bay to Waimanalo Beach, Kailua beach to Kamehameha highway. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes of OMG views 🙂

2015-10-08 at 07-50-00

2015-10-08 at 07-55-25

2015-10-08 at 07-54-44

counterclockwise because a night before ,we passed through this area and yet we got lost in the morning hahaha well, not really, we were just overwhelmed with the views, decided to get out of the car  and tried to sink in once more the beauty of nature!

2015-10-06 at 12-01-36

2015-10-06 at 12-03-09

2015-10-06 at 12-04-21

By the time we reached the Polynesian cultural centre , we have missed some of the shows already but we had a very enjoyable fun time the rest of the day.

First stop : the Canoe pageant, a show case of musician and dancers representing stories of different Islands of Aotearoa,Samoa,Tonga,Tahiti, Fiji and Hawaii.

2015-10-08 at 08-45-43
2015-10-08 at 08-54-01
2015-10-08 at 08-51-52
AOTEAROA (New Zealand)
2015-10-08 at 08-58-26

second stop: the island of Tonga, this is where.. lol! laugh out loud. Don’t miss this show or you will miss the fun. Three men from the audience was called on stage to demonstrate the rhythm of oversized drum, a hilarious fun of learning in front of so many spectators, but oh boy! they did great and was on game every minute :-). You have to see it to enjoy them!

2015-10-08 at 09-18-32

Next..The Tahiti this! it started from the day they met.. to engagement and the wedding. During the ceremony, married couples (from the audience)were asked to say their vows once again. This is sweet 🙂

2015-10-08 at 09-51-53

2015-10-08 at 09-47-54

2015-10-08 at 09-34-33

We also went to Fiji and Hawaii island, learnt something about the hula dance, their cultures and stories. I was not able to take pictures because I choose to just watch and listen. Good idea? well, it depends, if I’m writing a blog I should have at least document what I saw to share it!

Anyhow, after which ..dinner ! The Ali ‘i Luau is the Hawaii’s largest and most authentic Luau, set against the backdrop of waterfalls and lush garden. It features dancers,musicians, fresh flower lei for each guest.

2015-10-07 at 17-53-38

After dinner, we went to Cinema presentation ” Hawaiian journey” a tribute to the splendours of Hawaii. At night,we watched the most awaited show “Ha’ the breath of life” a stunning show full of dancers and it showcase the saga of life from birth to death, love and family, triumph and tragedy. At the beginning, I was skeptic, it’s like a broadway show narrowed to just storytelling which made us sleepy at some point but at the latter part, we were brought to life when the thrill of Samoa fire knife dancing started. Photography was not allowed, I guess this is better, so I was really into the show, not taking pictures 🙂

Ladies, my Oahu escapades was one of so many memorable journey of my life. I won’t hesitate to travel once more to this places and who knows? Maybe one day I will have the chance to live and experience life like the locals in Hawaii. 🙂

Dreams do come true and beautybeyondfity believe so..

Aloha.. Mahalo..



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My Oahu Escapades – Makapu’u Look out to Makapu’u beach park (part 4/5)


2015-10-08 at 05-56-55

2015-10-08 at 05-55-20

A drive past Hanauma bay and Sandy beach, the Makapu’u point State Wayside Park, is a roadside park with magnificent view of Ka-iwi State scenic shoreline and Mañana Island (rabbit Island).

2015-10-02 at 10-04-58
panoramic view of shoreline

2015-10-03 at 04-08-59


2015-10-03 at 04-19-00

Though there was a drizzle of rain from time to time, it didn’t stop us (and a lot of tourist too!) from getting out of the car .The sky was so blue and the view was spectacular, how can you stay in the car?

2015-10-03 at 04-12-52

2015-10-03 at 04-15-52

2015-10-03 at 04-13-39

2015-10-03 at 04-13-43

2015-10-03 at 04-18-42

Makapu’u beach

2015-10-03 at 04-18-14

again, we’re here just to see the view and we didn’t even took the Makapu’u light house trail!

tsk! tsk! there’s a lot to see ..a lot of things to do time to see it all and do 🙂

2015-10-03 at 04-09-31

2015-10-03 at 04-09-05

a distant view of the rabbit island. does it really look like a rabbit head?

2015-10-08 at 06-04-55
a closer view of rabbit island

2015-10-03 at 04-14-25

2015-10-08 at 05-58-15

2015-10-08 at 06-33-35
Makapu’u s lighthouse from a far
2015-10-08 at 06-33-41
a closer view of the lighthouse built in 1909 on a 600 foot sea cliff overlooking Makapu’u beach

We went down to have a closer look of the beach and have seen a lot of like.. lava rocks and tide pools where tiny fishes and crabs got stuck in between during low tides.

2015-10-07 at 12-15-44

2015-10-08 at 06-40-12

2015-10-08 at 06-41-04

Ladies, here’s my picture once again with an open arms.. just one way of saying..

be free!

Life is beautiful to hold on to whats bringing you down.



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My Oahu Escapades – Hanauma Bay (part 3/5)

2015-10-03 at 01-15-53

Another day to explore, another OMG! :-0 I can’t refrain from saying the word “nice” every-time we got out for a ride and explore the island.

2015-10-03 at 01-16-19

2015-10-03 at 01-16-16

Again, we didn’t catch up with sunrise and I don’t think will ever be 🙂

2015-10-03 at 01-24-36

Though we arrived early, we didn’t go down to snorkel. Hanauma Bay is great for snorkelling. It is sheltered from strong currents and waves. People starts to come as early as 6 in the morning.

2015-10-03 at 01-56-27

Under the tire of one the cars parked in the area, I’ve seen two small creatures fast-moving around.  It was not easy to take the shots but I tried. These small animals are called Mongoose  known also by its Hawaiian name of ‘lole manakoke.

2015-10-03 at 01-32-38

Hanauma Bay Nature preserve and Beach park is 30 minutes drive from Waikiki

2015-10-03 at 01-33-37

2015-10-03 at 01-36-50

2015-10-03 at 01-33-09

I have settled not to go down because of the spectacular view on the top. So beautiful, so blue and green.. so refreshing..

2015-10-03 at 01-33-31

2015-10-03 at 01-36-59

Even the grass flowers are so stimulating..

2015-10-03 at 01-37-36

I took 3 shots and didn’t use filter to alter the background. It’s really beautiful!
2015-10-03 at 01-37-56

2015-10-03 at 01-37-46


2015-10-03 at 01-44-58

Ladies,this place is amazing, I definitely would love to come back and try to bring our own snorkelling gadget, see the under the sea creatures and not the mongoose 😉

Of course..underwater camera here we go 🙂 .. beautybeyondfifty will research on the best waterproof camera. Any recommendation?

will be coming back soon!



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio

I took this picture on my recent trip to Polynesian Culture Centre in the Islands of Hawaii. Although every village in the Island had shown their culture through dancing, this three Samoa dancers took my attention because of their vibrant energy while dancing.

2015-10-08 at 08-52-422015-10-08 at 08-52-462015-10-08 at 09-02-29

<a href=””>Trio</a&gt;

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Old Jeddah and Old Me :-)


I always look forward for a day rest on weekend but when my friend says we have to go somewhere..GO! hahaha that’s me! My foot has an addiction to roam around anywhere! DSC_5874

As far as I know this is the second day of “Old Jeddah Festival” Jan.16,2015. Our car was parked about one kilometre away from the site.Downtown Jeddah (Balad) is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The festival is open for 10 days and its free entrance for everyone. The buildings were lit with different colors of light, there were guards, ushers and usherettes to guide which way to go.One thing missing were leaflets for guest like us, who can’t understand arabic, at least for us to know whose house, what stories behind the building,.. for us to better appreciate the history and reconnect the past to the present.

Jeddah wall
Jeddah wall
old building
old building




Mostly of the building windows are adorned with wooden lattices. The place were full with local and expatriate people. It was hard for me to take a good shot, I was afraid to lose my valuables and be left by my friends. The hustle and bustle of the festival was overwhelming.


this man not only have a good smile but he showed us how the old houses were built.
this man not only has a good smile but he showed us how the old houses were built.
weighing scale for his fruits
weighing scale for his fruits

Beautiful girls and ladies of the night ..of course the gentlemen too!


2015-01-16 at 23-43-07

Colourful display of food,tea cup, materials and equipments.

Old Dental equipment and forceps 🙂


It was a Funfair evening which ended up into a stressful night for me. To make the story short, I sprained my foot (mid section) as I was moving the chair back to stand up, I guess I was not paying attention or it’s me.. my old “ME” so much of laughter and accidents do happen at times 🙁 I am lucky my friends were all boys scout and girls scout. The first aid treatment was superb! I was able to walk and work the following morning 🙂

Thank you my friends!



Taif through the eyes of Nanay Aurea


First road trip for 2015 ..the long winding road going to Taif, Saudi Arabia with an elevation of 1,879 m on the slopes of  Al sarawat mountains.’if

nanay aurea
nanay aurea

This is also  Nanay Aurea first road trip outside Jeddah. Our plan was just to have an early sunrise breakfast to our favourite “sand dune” but decided to go further and have lunch At Al Shifa mountain.

2015-01-09 at 12-31-21






2015-01-09 at 13-49-25

A breezy morning to unwind, as we ascended to the mountain, Nanay aurea was quiet for some time, wondering whether the road has an end. At times, she asked questions like..why there are so many tires on the road? In the Philippines old car tires can be reuse and recycle to a flower pot holder, a swing ,chairs and table etc.She was murmuring “marami nang manginginabang sa atin nito” a lot of people will earn from these old tires. In unity, we all nodded our heads.

Dongyan of Taif
Dongyan of Sand dune

2015-01-09 at 15-39-28



2015-01-09 at 15-52-57 (1)


Once we passed by police check point, she readily took out her passport and got worried that her visa is only in Jeddah 🙂 to our amusement we told her, her deportation back home is imminent 🙂 hehehe of course not!

Her amazement of how the road was constructed  echoed on how  hard it is for her to relate the story to her friends back home. 🙂 me too Nanay Aurea ..I share your sentiments 🙂 I took a lot of pictures and I can’t decide which one to upload. Alas! I choose candid street photos! Alright friends..don’t roll your eyes on me!

2015-01-09 at 17-34-42

2015-01-09 at 17-37-00

2015-01-09 at 17-34-55

Taif is also famous for agricultural products like pomegranate, grapes and other fruits. There are also baboons on the street in which tourist have fun feeding them..oh wait! the last time I know they only eat banana but now they also eat arabic bread!  huh? oh yes!

baboons in Al Hada
baboons in Al Hada


Rock climbing anyone?

2015-01-09 at 16-00-57 2015-01-09 at 16-11-03

house in the middle of the mountain
house in the middle of the mountain

2015-01-09 at 17-03-53

2015-01-09 at 16-47-14

What about lunch? Chicken grilled on rocks!

2015-01-09 at 18-13-11

among other menu 🙂

2015-01-09 at 18-14-23


The road was so foggy when we reached the top of Al Shifa mountain, the hot chicken is now cold chicken on the rocks 🙂

2015-01-09 at 18-51-38

2015-01-09 at 18-55-08

After Lunch, we headed back home, Nanay Aurea asked what we did? hahaha we only ate Grilled Chicken, so next time..I wonder if Nanay Aurea will ever ask  grilled chicken for lunch,..ever!

Oh! before I forget, what was the comment of Nanay Aurea on grilled chicken?

“amoy arabo ang chicken”..the chicken smells like the arab guy who was selling it 🙂 in fairness..the taste was superb! not the guy..the grilled chicken o la la 🙂


Nanay Aurea rocks! We love you Nanay! Peace!

handprint in the sand
handprint in the sand



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Baboons of Al Hada TAif in black and white

2015-01-09 at 17-52-12

Nope! this is not a zoo, these are baboons at Al Hada, Taif of Saudi Arabia. Though there are many tourist attracted to these sight, a lot of locals complained about its existence because they destroys farms,trees and sometimes attack people when the food are scars, they are like scavengers,feeding themselves from the garbage or rely on the foods given mostly by the tourist around the city.

2015-01-09 at 18-05-06

I am so scared to go down from the car but the clinging baby baboon got my attention! I took the shots through the window car 🙂

2015-01-09 at 17-55-34

2015-01-09 at 17-55-04

2015-01-09 at 17-53-11

2015-01-09 at 17-52-19

2015-01-09 at 17-53-43

2015-01-09 at 17-53-32

2015-01-09 at 17-52-07

2015-01-09 at 17-43-26

2015-01-09 at 17-44-38

2015-01-09 at 18-01-03This is how close people get into the baboons!

2015-01-09 at 17-56-22

2015-01-09 at 17-52-08

2015-01-09 at 17-52-00

This one caught my attention really hard, I realised the baby baboon has no life, it doesn’t move! And the mother won’t let go! how sad 🙁

2015-01-09 at 17-52-02

2015-01-09 at 17-52-02 (1)

2015-01-09 at 17-51-59

2015-01-09 at 18-05-28

2015-01-09 at 18-05-27


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