you’re beautiful!

you’re 84 and still beautiful, i love your smile..your wit and your smell. I remember very well when I was ten years old, you were on trip and i was left alone, I took out the dress that you use that day few hours before you left and i cuddle it for  hours…crying…missing you a lot…the smell of the dress gives me comfort. Even now that I am a mother myself, I still long for you, no words can express how much I miss  and love you so much.

I will not reiterate what have you done for us, everyone knows how mother are and you are the most wonderful ever mom to me…to us and to your grand children.

I promised today that you’re dream to go to america will soon be real, just renew your passport and I’ll make you’re wish comes true 🙂 but of course papa should be there too!

Please stop playing with your jewelries, just wear it everyday to feel your dollars hahahaha and I hope you’re enjoying your teleserye in your new flat TV screen.

We miss your palabok and we’re trying to copy you’re siopao too, but we didn’t succeed until now.

Do you still go to market everyday? how i wish i am there with you today … I know one thing that’s make you happy… SHOPPING hahaha that’s where i got my stress management. I’ll take you anywhere to shop till you drop.

Remember you’re time here in Jeddah… HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY!

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Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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