Bonjour Mr. French Men! Merci…

I was not feeling good for the past weeks, I would say it’s been a month since i discovered savvy secret which is not appropriate to share to the public unless I choose to be a “whistle-blower”, But, not ME!

Anyhow, though i am a little presumptuous, i opted to keep a low-key stance so all my stresses went to my inner body and presto! it all shows on my face…i never been so old in my picture .

under stress photo of me!

However, I have to submit the photo whether i look good or not. My youngest son, got an invitation to Switzerland to visit a College. I was not able to complete the requirements on the first day so I have to go back to Swiss consulate twice.Actually, that was an easy day, few questions from a French guy ( well, my son thought he is…about in his late thirties) and wallah, come back after ten days to receive the passport. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I went back to the clinic, and after three hours, I received a text message…” hi doc, how r u? I  am from  the consulate,I want just to tell u, that u r very beautiful, your husband is lucky. have u really 51? I will give u max 35..have a nice day and sorry to disturbing you.”

Wow! I can’t believe this…flattering as it may seem but I wont deny… it made my Day! At age 52, someone would bother to send a message just to tell me I don’t look like my age!

Merci!, Mr. French men..though i did not text you back, consider this as my reply..ont un beau jour trop! Merci beaucoup!

Take note single ladies…”IT” factor works all the time.. cheers!

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Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

One thought on “Bonjour Mr. French Men! Merci…”

  1. naaah, you don’t look all stressed out at all. picture looks fine. or maybe, you just always look good to me… ha! ha! in fact, i like this picture, looks bright and natural, not heavy or made up. i like those type of pics, like the one at the beach.
    … except for the stress sore, can’t see any stress signs.

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