Age 52: What to wear?

I’m attending a big Royal wedding on 28th of October, I call it “ROYAL” because the bride is my “big boss” first daughter. I knew her when she was seven years old. The wedding will be  held at the Jordan Valley Marriott resort which is located at the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.

Attending wedding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a big deal for me, looking for a gown with matching shoes and bag,not to mention the jewelries that goes with the attire..oh my! then going to salon to make your hair and make up… whoahh! RSVP sorry ma’am can’t make it , wish you all the best!

However, I can’t say no this time, this is my sweet little girl who doesn’t let go of my hand the first time we met in 1987. So, off to go to Amman, Jordan.

Alright, I have to look dignified doctor (this is the comment of the bride’s father) ouch! what do you think of my fashion style, a way too young or you can’t relate hahahaha just kidding! anyhow, here are some dresses that I am thinking to wear. Help me out ladies!

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2 thoughts on “Age 52: What to wear?”

  1. don’t like the purple sleeveless, it will show my flabby arm; don’t like the mini, it will highlight my flabby knees; LOVED the tailor suit… silver fits a wedding. PURPLE is crying outloud… if you’re proud of the curves, then it’s OK. the knitted dress could look good on some people who looks like the mannequin that’s wearing it 🙂 BUT the best one for you is where you will be comfortable. your confidence in wearing whatever… will make you pretty!!! whatever you chose, just enjoy it. love ya!

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