Road trip: Viga-Payo-Bagamanoc-Soboc in search of “Kinis” Part 2

To panganiban (payo)
To panganiban (payo)

We arrived Viga at 8:30 in the morning, we asked our family friend to find “kinis” (crab)for us, back then when we were young, the crabs were sold in a bag made of nipa palm leaves.Unfortunately, it was not available on that time of the day, so we decided to continue our road trip to Panganiban (payo) and Bagamanoc.

 photo credit: experience Catanduanes
Nipa palm leaves for crabs on sale: Photo credit (Experience Catanduanes)
Banquerohan bridge
Banquerohan bridge

According to my research, when the 2nd world war broke out, Viga became the centre of Guerrilla movement in the province.The battle between the Guerrillas and escaping Japanese forces were simultaneously fought at Banquerohan bridge. (source:

The abundance of swampy area and palms leads to mud crabs harvest but I didn’t see any one selling “Kinis” (crabs)!

We went around until we reached Bagamanoc, still “Kinis” (crab) is nowhere to be found, huh! not my day ๐Ÿ™ and yet so happy to be here, so refreshing!

beautiful day
beautiful day
my travel companion (my bros)
my travel companion (my bros)… special thanks to Carmela

For so many years, this our first time to travel to the north, It was fun to have this two bodyguards ๐Ÿ™‚ psst… did I mentioned we are all ย beyond fifties? ย hehehe peace !


With “kinis” or no “Kinis” the scenery was just too much to take in…a real beauty of simplicity!

Nipa palm leaves
Nipa palm leaves

The famous ” Buto ni Kurakog” -a phallic – shaped land formation off the coast of Ilihan point. O la la! what’s behind this shape?

Buto ni Kurakog
Buto ni Kurakog

My apology to those who have virgin mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Buto means “Penis” and Kurakog according to the legend is the name of the Giant who was madly in love with a local barrio lass who committed suicide because her parents disapproved her relationship to Kurakog. Kurakog got depressed and died eventually leaving his “penis” as a memory to the locals. Either your jaw dropped or you’re smiling aha! please read the rest of my road trip story, get some tea if you may or take a deep breath to recover hahaha , just kidding.


Well so much for the legend, let’s move back to the main road, what I noticed about Catanduanes, there are public schools at every district we passed by, it doesn’t matter if the population are small, I am so proud to conclude that ‘Education” is given a priority even into the remote area.

It was almost lunch time and we haven’t found “Kinis” yet, we went back to Viga and had lunch with our family friend. Thank you so much Manal itoy, I was starving and forgot to take a picture of “laing” (taro leaves with coconut milk).


Viga District hospital where it all started…my father popularly known as “Dr. Mariano” worked in this hospital,the reason why we became bicolanos ๐Ÿ™‚ . Few meters away from this place, we had a farm, my father and my siblings planted rice, corn and peanuts…me? well, the only girl in the family, I played around, I helped in harvesting peanuts and sneaked out few fresh peanuts in my mouth, so crunchy and sweet ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the weekends, eating lunch under the coconut trees. Oh, those moments …it’s unforgettable!

From Viga, we went to Buenavista (Hitis) , at one point we got out of the car and savour the fresh air and marvel at the sight of the pacific ocean. A marvellous day for all of us!





From the top we saw the shoreline of Soboc beach.


and here it is… Soboc, Catanduanes…so simple and yet so beautiful!


2014-04-12 at 10-47-31


On our way back , we passed by a small store to buy coca-cola, I knew there’s no cola in a can, so I was expecting it will be in a plastic bag with a plastic straw, wow! exciting authentic… but to my dismay, my brother handed me a disposable glass, huh! way to go Soboc! improving ;-


DSC_7270Going back to Virac, we passed by Cockpit (sabungan). I stayed inside the car, though I wanted to get pictures of the cock-fighting but I hesitated, It will be odd to see a woman inside the arena of men.

cock lose,feathers out and skinned..hanged into fried chicken for dinner
rooster lost,feathers out, skinned and hanged.. into fried chicken for dinner

and so that’s the end of our road trip…oh wait. did I got KINIS? nope! nothing in Viga -Panganiban-Bagamanoc -Soboc .

small Fish stalls
small Fish stalls

not even here at the fish stall…

The following day, we went to Virac Plaza, there was demonstration or maybe a labor strike, I am not sure.



then.. at the bazaar where they showcase products of Catanduanes…

ah! there KINIS big ones…O lalala! only here at the plaza.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย ๐Ÿ™‚



Ladies, I shall end here, hoping you enjoy my photos and happy that I found my “KINIS” lol!



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