Dubai,UAE – food trip with Chef Kevin (day 1)

I knew that I was planning for a holiday but I wasn’t sure if it will push through or not until, the last week before Eid Adha when suddenly my consultant asked – when are you leaving? who me?  Surprise ? yep! because a week ago when I was asking for a holiday, he was refusing to let me go and now, he is asking? I am a lucky lady!

Chef kevin and mom
Me and my Nomadic Chef

huh! yes this weekend! I readily got my ticket and confirmed my hotel booking. I was so excited, as far I can remember this will be my first time to go on holiday without a dental conference on the side.But I also knew , that this will be a fun holiday with a food trip ..yes! what else? If you remember well..our common ground is food 🙂 and with Chef Kevin, it’s not only food like eating in fast food restaurant but he likes to savour a real dish, if possible to go on fine dining restaurant. He is doing his culinary internship in JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai,UAE. Surely, this will be our first stop.

Did I stayed in the hotel? nope! I can’t afford it at the moment (both of my sons are still in College). I stayed at City Premier Hotel Apartment which is a very cozy place and about 20 minutes walk from his work.There are two supermarket on each side of the building, a pharmacy and salon spa nearby.It is also located near the business bay metro station.

one bedroom apartment
one bedroom apartment

It has all the amenities of the hotel, one bedroom,with separate kitchenette,dining and living area. Two bathroom (one inside the bedroom and one for the guest).

metro starion
metro station
business bay metro station
business bay metro station
burj khalifah
burj khalifa

After I dropped off my luggage, we started the day meeting his colleagues,Head Chef and Manager at The La Farine,

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. The welcome was warm and pleasant, I felt I was the only proudest mom in the world, my heart swelling of pride and happiness when I heard how my youngest son is doing well in his internship job. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

La Farine – is 24/7 bistro and bakery, catering for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

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2014-10-02 at 19-26-59

2014-10-02 at 19-26-35

2014-10-02 at 19-26-54

2014-10-02 at 20-07-25

2014-10-02 at 20-07-36

Thank you so much chefs!!

After the sumptuous lunch, we went to “The Lounge” to get some green tea and macarons.

Before having dinner, we strolled along Dubai mall, I got fascinated by the high ceiling intricate light decor , here are some of my shots.

DSC_1705dubai 2014-10-03 at 00-10-20

2014-10-04 at 19-37-36 2014-10-03 at 00-14-08 2014-10-03 at 00-15-59 2014-10-03 at 00-16-32 2014-10-03 at 00-17-26 2014-10-03 at 00-19-38 2014-10-03 at 00-19-40

me and a camel
me and a camel

Outside the mall, between the man- made lake, the address hotel and the sight of burj khalifa, there’s a big fat horse, i would guess it is one of Fernando Botero art sculpture, who’s signature style of large and exaggerated volume can be seen.

botero fat horse
botero fat horse
behind the scene ;-)
behind the scene 😉
The address
The address
burj khalifa at night
burj khalifa at night

2014-10-03 at 00-47-16

2014-10-03 at 00-37-37

real gold
real gold

We had a glimpsed of dancing fountain but it was so crowded that I was not able to take a good picture of it. What comes out was all heads and heads of people looking at it in awe 😉

And dinner was at the italian restaurant inside the mall.

Ladies, how about shopping? hmmm not now, let’s enjoy the day with my Chef Kevin. 😉





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