Serenata “Opus 10” one word – Spectacular!


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Challenging..blessed..grateful.. were the words to described the Serenata journey to 10th year according to Ms. Charo Hipos the chairperson and executive producer of Opus 10.

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SERENATA is a non- stock,non-profit, cause oriented organisation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia founded in 2005 through the pioneering efforts of Ms. Sylvia de los Santos, Ms. Desil Manapat and Mr. Louis Bautista. Serenata hold annual benefit concert and to date, they have produced 29 scholars and 7 college graduates.


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I have attended seven of their concerts and I was so eager to attend the eight concert but it didn’t coincide with my tight schedule and I was not lucky to find a ticket on the ninth and so when Ms. Lolit Cua invited me, I was jumping with joy (literally 🙂 ) and immediately blocked my schedule , for once, let me attend please!

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And to echo the words of Ms. Charo, my attendance was also “Challenging” I have to make sure my patient’s schedule were all specially booked well in advance though dental treatment will always be challenging to finished on time 🙂 nevertheless, I did it! Unfortunately another mishap happened, my bank card was retained at the ATM machine and to talk to customer service was a menace at times (rolling my all time!..this is KSA) Anyhow, I went home and hurriedly changed my clothes ,took a taxi and alas! I reached the alma mater of my chef Kevin, AISJ (American International School of Jeddah, hosted the event for the eight times).As I was waiting for my change, the blue guard came and reprimanded the taxi driver not to park  (taxi cab was on the side before the gate entrance) , waving his hand on me to get into the car and let the taxi move OMG! don’t bark! only dogs do that!

Anyhow, after checking my ID and ticket, the receptions was like attending the  Oscars! ,not that I attended it 🙂 but I like the photo shoot, the little poses hahaha. I was ushered to a special seat and I felt so “blessed” that actually I am in the “Opus 10″ concert. I will always be” grateful” to Ms. Lolit for the invitation. 🙂

Yes! SERENATA..I have only one word to describe the concert..SPECTACULAR!

And last but not the least, the special participation of Ms. Precy Ann Cua was stunning! not to mention she had undergone Oral Surgery twice before the concert 🙂  This soft-spoken lady holds a BS degree in Music (major in voice,minor in piano) at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila, Philippines. Bravo! (hats off)

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And while I was enjoying the show, suddenly I can’t remember If I unplug my flat iron 🙁 I was in a hurry so I was not sure and later it became so obvious that I didn’t..OMG! concert or fire? yeah you’re right, I’m on fire so I left the concert without seeing the String Orchestra. Grrrrr.

Beautybeyondfifty was so frustrated. ahh blame it to the age! hahaha

To the members and participants, parents, siblings, committees ,sponsors and guest a big THANK YOU and Congratulations!


2015-02-28 at 23-42-08Cheers!


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