The Vin and Noira Show – a review

When I received the link this morning , I immediately sent a message to my son.

What is this? What about Vin and Noira ? 

He replied: It’s a thing I’m doing in my free time.

For teens ?

18 years old and above

Ok, so curious, that I went to it right away, huh? What is this podcast? Well, pardon me, I am in my late fifties, back in our time we only listen to radio.

The Vin and Noira Show /A Podcast of Randomness

photo grab on their FB account

The first time I heard his voice, OMG! Is this my son? Who is the lady? Well, you know what happened next? Google and Facebook came into rescue.

So I gathered, Christina is from Indonesia and a Octoberian as well  (like us), if that is the real birthday, you know these days, they kind of change everything in their profile pics and data as well 🙂 A Filipino-Indonesian host team, both speaks English fluently!

Anyhow, this is their first episode and listening for the first few minutes, kind of “off” to me because of too many “F” word. But as I continued listening, the conversation was getting substantially good. Though I am not familiar with “Geoducks & Akon” and d&d games. Dungeons and dragons are not my thing , I guess it’s only for teenagers and young adult. It’s fun listening to them, the giggling in between makes me chuckles at times.

I didn’t know about TCK (third culture kids) ABC (aussie born chinese) did I get it right?Well, If you listen to their conversation, you will find out how Asian children born outside of their own country, live in a different culture, mingled with the locals, speaks English fluently and how they feel about it. They also talk about their “mom” yeah sure, they make fun of us! in a nice way 🙂

Overall, Hurray! for the first episodes, funny, honest awesome conversation, though I think it would be nice not to hear a lot of “F” even wonderful not to hear it at all 🙂 just a thought..hey thats your show and this is my review! Fair enough?

Good luck Vin and Noira!

Heres the link for you:

Find them on:

Instagram: @vinandnoira @KevinSuarez @missnoira



Happy listening!



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