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Third culture Kids – Adult and parents included?

The third episode of “The Vin and Noira Show” is here Are you a OFW? Expatriates? born in KSA? back in Philippines? you should listen to vin oh! and noira too, she is from Indonesia but studied in Australia. Where are you from? I usually say, from Philippines to make the story short, because I was

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Black Panther Vs Batman =Blackman

The Vin and Noira Show The 2nd Episode has been uploaded! I can’t say much about the topic, but what caught me : Black Panther VS Batman which Noir accidentally says Blackman hehehe why not another Superhero in the making 🙂 What about you?   Obviously, I haven’t seen the Black panther yet (no movie

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The Vin and Noira Show – a review

When I received the link this morning , I immediately sent a message to my son. What is this? What about Vin and Noira ?  He replied: It’s a thing I’m doing in my free time. For teens ? 18 years old and above Ok, so curious, that I went to it right away, huh?

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