Jeddah POP ICON 2011..a night to remember!

Contender #1 Glenys Cabana

Certainly yesterday was a night to remember for everyone present in that occasion. It’s a mixture of young, old and those who never got old or refused (if I may quote) to be senior citizens.

Pop Icon 2011 (singing competition for OFW in Saudi Arabia) was organized by FAME which I learned was formerly SE productions…I remember TFCK (Teens Fun Club with kids) those years and days to prepare such production was tedious thing to do. And no matter how you put all together the act, there will always be a missed out, misplaced and miscommunication. Nevertheless, the organizer should be applauded for their commitment to make the night successful.

Number one contender was Glen Cabana, I still remember her as one of the kids of TFCK. She has grown to be a very fine lady with a golden voice. She looks equally gorgeous with her blue velvet gown, which proves the chemistry between Abe and Leonie really works wonder. I was just saddened by the fact that the microphone she used was not really that good, her real voice was not enhanced but rather it made it worst. Pinch me, if I say differently but that’s my opinion.

Another contender I knew was Dareen (#7), she was also so naive when I met her the first time, last night was a surprise, and she is a performer petite with a nice voice.

Another Lady I knew was the ever energetic charming Gina Casino (Rada), she did the convocation in English and Arabic as well. Well done Gina!

Though I was a bit annoyed when we were asked to leave the table


(apparently the table is for VIP but there was no guide or sign) I like to commend the three beautiful usherettes (Yasmeen, jayne and another lady) you’re presence made the night more pleasing to stay. Miss Saudi Arabia (fil-indian beauty) was really a stand out among others.

Ms. Saudi Arabia

The man contenders are also entertaining, I like contender no.8 , he put a lot of feelings on his songs. The dancers are cool.They dance gracefully with gusto! I like the Waka-waka dance and that super little petite singer, I apologize for not remembering names..a sign of beauty beyond fifty:-)

Congratulations to the winners and to all contenders, especially to my lady Gwen, you may not got what you want this time, continue dreaming and aspire to make it real.. always hope for the best and good luck to whatever undertaking you may have.


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2 thoughts on “Jeddah POP ICON 2011..a night to remember!”

  1. Thanks Jamila for this very nice blog about Jeddah Pop Icon. And in behalf of FAME (Filipino Artiste Migrant Ensemble) Officers, please accept our hearfelt apologies for asking you to leave the VIP Table. It is indeed our shortcoming not to put any signs for your convenience. As you said, no matter how hard we try to make our productions as perfect as possible, there will always be glitches along the way, which will really help us to improve in our next productions to come. Nevertheless, I am glad that you enjoy the show, despite of shome shortcomings. The petitte singer you mentioned was Karla Mae Carreon, one of our prime talents, she won Jeddah Pop Icon in 2009 and this July, she will be representing Saudi Arabia in the 2011 WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) in Lod Angeles, California. We hope to see you again in our next event. I think we will be hosting the 2011 Ginoo at Binibining Pilipinas-KSA 2011 and it will be held on the same venue. Delegates from Riyadh and Khobar will be coming to Jeddah to participate in this yearly kingdom wide search, so please dont miss it as we promise to give you another fabolous show. Once again, thanks for the very good feedback and I hope to meet you personally very soon.

    1. Your most welcome. Thank you for the job well done and hoping FAME will always be there to support Filipinos to enhance and share their talents to the world in general and to our kababayans in particular. a lot of nice pictures was taken that night and we tag it to leonie/gwen cabana in FB. Please feel free to tag yourself too.

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